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Global Health Protection and Security (GHPS)

GHPS 680 Health Emergencies in Large Populations (3)

Health Emergencies in Large Populations is run by the Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance and the Red Cross. It provides knowledge, practical skills, and networking for global health practitioners. A-F only.

GHPS 690 Global Health Challenges (3)

Addresses critical, contemporary, and transnational issues best addressed by cooperative international action. Health issues are examined in the context of intersecting effects of limited resources, socioeconomics, politics, and environmental change. A-F only. (Once a year)

GHPS 719 Comparative Family and Gender (3)

Discusses the major perspectives on family and gender relations and examines related empirical research. Emphasis is on the cross-cultural comparisons across the U.S. and Asia in the context of globalizing economies and cultures. A-F only. (Alt. years) (Cross-listed as SOC 719)