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Hawaiian (HAW)

HAW 100 Language in Hawai‘i: A Microcosm of Global Language Issues (3)

Survival kit for life in Hawai‘i: Introduction to Hawaiian and language related issues enhancing communicative experience in Hawai‘i. Examination of social, cultural, political, and linguistic cross-cultural interaction locally and globally. Taught in English/Hawai‘i Creole English.

HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I (4)

Introductory course in Hawaiian language focused on the foundational skills of language acquisition: speaking, listening, comprehension, reading, writing, and cultural understanding.

HAW 102 Elementary Hawaiian II (4)

Continuation of 101. Pre: 101 or exam or consent.

HAW 105 Intensive Elementary Hawaiian (8)

Content of 101 and 102 (Elementary Hawaiian I & II) covered in one semester.

HAW 200 I Ka ‘Olelo No Ke Ola (4)

Accelerated lecture/lab to bridge fluent speakers mainly from Kula Kaiapuni into Kawaihuelani’s system of Hawaiian that reflects a Hawaiian worldview, including HAW 101-201 content, grammar, writing, and spelling conventions. Students matriculate into HAW 202. Pre: instructor consent required. (Spring only)

HAW 201 Intermediate Hawaiian I (4)

Continuation of 102 with continued development in the foundational skills of language acquisition: speaking, listening, comprehension, reading, writing, and cultural understanding. Increased emphasis on reading or traditional texts. Pre: 102 or 105 or exam or consent.

HAW 202 Intermediate Hawaiian II (4)

Continuation of 201. Pre: 201 or exam, or consent.

HAW 206 Intensive Intermediate Hawaiian (8)

Content of 201 and 202 covered in one semester. Meets two hours daily, plus lab work. Pre: 102 or 105, or exam.

HAW 261 Hawaiian Literature in Translation (3)

Survey of Hawaiian literature, including prose narration and poetry with reference to Polynesian and Western themes and forms.

HAW 284 Papa Mele I (Mele in the Hawaiian Language Classroom) (3)

The incorporation of mele and the performance thereof for the enhancement of second language acquisition in Hawaiian. Pre: 102.

HAW 301 Third-Level Hawaiian I (3)

Continuation of 202 with emphasis on increasing proficiency in speaking/conversation, listening, comprehension, reading, writing, and cultural understanding. Conducted in Hawaiian. Pre: 202 or 206 or exam, or consent.

HAW 302 Third-Level Hawaiian II (3)

Continuation of 301. Pre: 301 or exam, or consent.

HAW 321 Hawaiian Conversation (3)

Systematic practice on various topics for control of spoken Hawaiian. Repeatable up to six credit hours. Pre: 202 or consent.

HAW 331 Hawaiian Composition (3)

Intensive work in the grammatical, semantic, and pragmatic dimensions of composition writing in Hawaiian. Pre: 202.

HAW 332 Listening Comprehension and Transcription (3)

Development of listening comprehension through transcription and discussion of tape recordings. Pre: 202.

HAW 345 Ulu ka Hoi (3)

Lecture offering focused study and creation of Hawaiian language newspapers with a concentration on the characteristics of writing in this genre. Students will produce a monthly newsletter in Hawaiian. Repeatable one time. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 373 Ka Mo‘omeheu Hawai‘i (3)

A survey course on the study of traditional Hawaiian culture including origins, the socioeconomic system, land tenure, religion, values, and the arts. The course will be taught in Hawaiian. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 383 Hana ‘Oe a Kani Pono-Hawaiian Radio Broadcasting (3)

Combined lecture/lab involving students in the planning and production of a weekly Hawaiian language radio broadcast. Includes research, writing, and voicing of mele and their stories on live radio. Repeatable one time. Pre: 302 or 384 (or concurrent with consent), or consent.

HAW 384 Ka Haku Mele (3)

Composers and Their Compositions. Provides a venue which will allow students to analyze, dissect and discuss mele (song, poetry and chant), paying close attention to the style of composition by identifying reoccurring nuances found in mele composed by the same as well as various authors. Pre: completion of 202 or consent. (Once a year)

HAW 401 Fourth-Level Hawaiian I (3)

Advanced speaking/conversation, discussion, listening comprehension, reading, writing, and cultural understanding. Conducted in Hawaiian. Transcribing and translating recordings of native speakers in Hawaiian. Pre: 302 or exam, or consent.

HAW 402 Fourth-Level Hawaiian II (3)

Continuation of 401. Pre: 401 or exam, or consent.

HAW 425 Mo‘olelo Hawai‘i (3)

Survey of the major works by Hawaiian scholars writing about the history and culture of Hawai‘i including David Malo, Kamakau, Kepelino, and John Papa Αi. Pre: 302.

HAW 426 Ka‘ao Hawai‘i (3)

Survey of the core literature written by Hawaiian scholars, including both historical and mythological epics and folk tales. Pre: 302.

HAW 427 I Le‘a Ka Hula I Ka Ho‘opa‘a (Mo‘olelo, Ka‘ao, Mele and Hula) (3)

The incorporation of mele and hula performance with mo‘olelo and ka‘ao. Pre: 302 or consent.

HAW 428 Ka Mana‘o Politika Hawai‘i–Political Thought in Hawaiian (3)

Intensive study of Hawaiian political thought in writing and speech. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent. (Cross-listed as POLS 303C)

HAW 429 Ka Ho‘ike Honua (3)

Study of Hawaiian land tenure practices through readings and discussions of audiotapes, written primary sources, maps, wind names, rain names, ‘olelo no‘eau (wise sayings), and mele (poetry). Readings are drawn from 19th and 20th century Hawaiian newspapers and other primary sources. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 430 Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike (3)

Study of traditional Hawaiian language and cultural practices through hands-on applications and lectures. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 431 Haku Mo‘olelo–Creative Writing in Hawaiian (3)

Study and composition of written works in various creative genres of Hawaiian storytelling, with a focus on the adaptation and maintenance of a Hawaiian voice and worldview in writing. Pre: 302 and 331.

HAW 433 I Pa‘a Ke Kahua (3)

An experiential approach to the acquisition of vocabulary, which will allow students to broaden and deepen their knowledge of language and the range of domains to perpetuate Hawaiian as a living language. Repeatable one time. Pre: 302 (or concurrent), or consent.

HAW 434 E Pu Pa‘akai Kakou: A Study of Traditional Hawaiian and Contemporary Food Culture (3)

A study of traditional Hawaiian and contemporary food culture through hands-on applications and lectures. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 435 (Alpha) Problems in Translation (3)

Problems in translation of: (B) legal documents; (C) newspapers; (D) religious writings. Pre: 302 or consent.

HAW 445 Na Politika ma ka Nuhou Hawai‘i– Politics in Hawaiian Language Media (3)

Study of Hawaiian news media with emphasis on political content. Includes field trips to various archives. Pre: 302 (or concurrent), or consent. (Cross-listed as POLS 344)

HAW 452 Structure of Hawaiian (3)

Descriptive linguistic analysis. Intensive exercises in advanced grammar. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 453 ‘Olelo Ni‘ihau I (3)

Basic study of ‘Olelo Ni‘ihau. Speaking and listening comprehension will be developed through listening to audio recordings, watching video recordings, and participating in faceto-face conversations with Ni‘ihau native speakers. Pre: 402 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 454 History of the Hawaiian Language (3)

Development from proto-Polynesian. Phonology, morphology, and grammar; history of research. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) and 452, or consent.

HAW 462 (Alpha) Ha‘uki: Sports Education Through the Medium of Hawaiian (2)

Provide Hawaiian language students with linguistic tools necessary to provide sports education to Hawaiian immersion schools and for basic intergenerational use of Hawaiian in the linguistic domain of sports. (B) basketball; (C) volleyball; (D) football; (E) baseball. Repeatable for other topics.

HAW 463 Language for the Classroom (3)

Examination of language needs in various classroom settings and introduction to new vocabulary in school content areas. Pre: 302, 452, and consent.

HAW 466 Kuleana Kula Kaiapuni (3)

Examination of the political struggles of the Kula Kaiapuni (Hawaiian Immersion Program)–past and present. Special attention given to federal and state governments, Department of Education, and internal political struggles. Pre: 401 (or concurrent with consent).

HAW 470 Ho‘omohala Ha‘awina Kaiapuni Curriculum Development (3)

Examination of curricular issues of indigenous language programs; weekly participation in an immersion classroom; development of materials. Repeatable one time. Pre: 302 or consent.

HAW 471 Teaching in Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (3)

Explore the knowledge base needed for teaching in the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program and initiate inquiry into the nature and social context of teaching, learning and schooling. Pre: 302 or consent.

HAW 475 Teaching Residency (12)

Full-time student teaching in a Hawaiian language classroom. CR/NC only. Pre: 302 and 463; or consent. Co-requisite: 476.

HAW 476 Seminar in Teaching Residency (3)

Analysis and resolution of issues in teaching residency; teaching strategies and techniques; curriculum planning, professional growth and development. Pre: 302 and 463; or consent. Co-requisite: 475.

HAW 483 Papa Mele Wahi Pana (3)

Will provide students with the opportunity to learn mele, mainly poetry and song, composed specifically for a certain area of Hawai‘i. Pre: 302 or consent.

HAW 484 Hawaiian Poetry (3)

Historical survey and analysis of poetry found in traditional chants, folk songs, modern poetry written in Hawaiian. Interpreting and composing Hawaiian poetry. Pre: 302 and consent, or 401.

HAW 485 Haku Hanakeaka–Hawaiian Language Playwriting (3)

The creation and authoring of Hawaiian language play scripts based on traditional motifs. Repeatable one time. Pre: 402 (or concurrent) or consent.

HAW 486 Kahua Hanakeaka (Hawaiian Medium Stage Production) (3)

From design to performance, students mount an original production based on traditional motifs. Repeatable one time. Pre: 402 (or concurrent), or consent.

HAW 488 ‘Olelo No‘eau (3)

Survey and analysis of traditional proverbs and their kaona or symbolic meanings. A-F only. Pre: 402 or consent.

HAW 490 Ka Makau‘olelo A‘o Kula Kaiapuni Hawai‘i (1)

Assess the linguistic competence of prospective Hawaiian language immersion teachers to assure that all teachers entering the state DOE Hawaiian Immersion Program meet the requirements of the program with respect to Hawaiian language proficiency. CR/NC only. Pre: 402 (or concurrent), and 463 (or concurrent), or consent.

HAW 492 Analyzing Immersion Hawaiian (3)

Analysis and acquisition of features in Hawaiian spoken by Hawaiian speaking children in Hawaiian immersion education. Pre: 302 and 452, or consent.

HAW 493 Learning Hawaiian Through Immersion (3)

Learning Hawaiian in the immersion setting: cultural context, behavioral patterns, and learning concerns. Pre: 302, and either 435 or 484; or consent.

HAW 499 Directed Studies (V)

Study of Hawaiian language through vernacular readings in various academic fields. Repeatable up to 6 credits. Pre: 302 and consent.

HAW 601 Kakau Mo‘olelo (3)

Analyzes various genres of written Hawaiian literature. HAW majors only. Pre: graduate standing and 402, or consent.

HAW 602 Kaka‘olelo Oratory (3)

A survey of oral performance styles to build increased oral skills. Pre: graduate standing and 601, or consent.

HAW 604 Haku Palapala Noi Laeo‘o/Writing a Hawaiian Master’s Proposal (3)

Seminar to select and develop students’ research topic, proposal, and organizational plan for Plan A or B completion. Majors are encouraged not to take this course in their first semester of the program. A-F only. (Once a year)

HAW 605 Ka Hana Noi‘i (Research Methods) (3)

Research methodology course utilizing active research in the major repositories of Hawaiian language materials and Hawaiian-related knowledge. A-F only. Pre: 604 or consent. (Once a year)

HAW 612 Na Mana‘o Politika Hawai‘i (Hawaiian Political Thought) (3)

Study of Hawaiian political thought in writing from ca. 1825 to the present, with emphasis on theory and research methods. Pre: 402, 428, and POLS 303; or consent. (Cross-listed as POLS 612)

HAW 615 Kuana‘ike (3)

The examination of Hawaiian ways of speaking, as contrasted with English focusing on those features that are uniquely Hawaiian and can be said to constitute a Hawaiian worldview. Section 1 taught in Hawaiian; Section 2 taught in English. Pre: 402 or consent for Section 1.

HAW 625 Mo‘olelo Hawai‘i (3)

Intensive study, research, and analysis of Hawaiian history. Repeatable two times with consent of advisor. Pre: 402 or consent.

HAW 638 (Alpha) Na Mea Kakau/Na Haku Mo‘olelo (3)

Intensive study of an individual author, his/her works and nuances of his/her works. (E) J. H. Kanepu‘u; (I) S. M. Kamakau. Pre: 601 or consent. (Once a year)

HAW 643 Ke A‘o ‘Olelo Hou ‘Ana (Teaching Hawaiian As a Second Language) (3)

Survey of existing texts and teaching resources; analysis of student clientele and needs; review of pedagogical approaches for heritage and non-heritage learners; syllabus and materials development; practicum. Pre: 401 and 452 or consent.

HAW 652 Pilina ‘Olelo (3)

In-depth examination and research into the grammar of Hawaiian including discussion of theories of language and incorporation of meta-language. Pre: 452 or consent. (Once a year)

HAW 653 ‘Olelo Ni‘ihau (3)

Intensive, advanced study and analysis of traditional Hawaiian Ni‘ihau dialect through face-to-face conversations with Ni‘ihau native speakers, listening to audio recordings and watching video recordings of Ni‘ihau native speakers. Pre: (402 and 453) with a minimum grade of B- or consent.

HAW 684 Noi‘i Mele (3)

Intensive study focusing on original compositions of Hawaiian poetry and song. Pre: 402 and 484, or consent.

HAW 695 Papahana Laeo‘o (V)

Research for Plan B project/non-thesis. May include but not limited to internship with cultural practitioner. Repeatable up to six credits. HAW majors only. CR/NC only. Pre: consent of graduate advisor.

HAW 699 Directed Research (V)

Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. Pre: consent of instructor and graduate chair.

HAW 700 Noi‘i Pepa Laeo‘o (Thesis) (V)

Research for master’s thesis. Repeatable unlimited times. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only.