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Educational Psychology (EDEP)

EDEP 201 Introduction to Teaching as a Career (3)

An experience-based introduction to teaching as a career. Repeatable one time.

EDEP 311 Introduction to Educational Psychology (3)

Psychology applied to education, including cognitive, sociocultural, and multicultural approaches to teaching, learning, development, and research. Develops knowledge and written communication skills through an introduction to classroom, assessment, instruction, motivation, classroom management, and standardized testing. (Cross-listed as PSY 301)

EDEP 327 Self-Regulated Learning (3)

Theory and use of self-regulated learning strategies in academic contexts.

EDEP 399 Directed Reading (V)

Individual reading or research. Pre: consent.

EDEP 408 Fundamentals of Research in Education (3)

Introduction to the methodology of systematic study of problems in education: principles of research design, data processing, technical writing, and evaluation of research proposals and reports.

EDEP 411 Seminar in Contemporary Perspectives in Educational Psychology (3)

In-depth analysis of contemporary issues in education from the theoretical and methodological perspectives of the faculty in educational psychology. Focuses on oral communication and intensive writing skills. Repeatable one time. 

EDEP 416 Student Assessment (3)

Introduction to basic concepts and issues in assessment and measurement, development of formative and summative assessment procedures, descriptive statistics, scales of measurement, and standardizing testing.

EDEP 429 Introductory Statistics (3)

Introduction to concepts and logics of statistical reasoning and statistical literacy. Topics include descriptive statistics, sampling distribution, and inferential statistics such as z-test, t-tests, correlation, and one-way ANOVA.

EDEP 432 Human Motivation and Education (3)

Application of motivation theory and research to understanding and increasing human motivation for education.

EDEP 489 Applied Psychology: Advanced Topics (3)

Coverage in-depth of some areas of theory and research. Repeatable to six credit hours. Pre: PSY 100. (Crosslisted as PSY 489)

EDEP 601 Introduction to Quantitative Methods (3)

Introductory graduate-level statistics in education and social sciences. Topics on descriptive and inferential statistics including central tendency, variability, sampling distribution, z-test, t-test, correlation, simple linear regression, and one-way ANOVA. (Meets PhD common inquiry methods requirement or elective.)

EDEP 602 Survey Research Design and Analysis (3)

Survey study designs, survey sampling, questionnaire construction, interviewing, pre-tests, pilot studies, logic of measurement and association, table construction, and elaboration models. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as EDEA 608 and SOC 608)

EDEP 603 Design and Analysis of Psychological Experiments (3)

Analysis of variance and other models of assessing results of experiments. Relation of analysis to design.

EDEP 604 Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance (3)

Introduction to linear statistical models as principle of data analysis. Topics include multiple regression models with continuous and categorical predictors. ANOVA with multiple factors, ANOVA with repeated measures, and ANCOVA. Pre: 601 or EDEA 629 (with a grade of B+), or consent.

EDEP 606 Multivariate Methods (3)

Builds on prior knowledge of multiple regression and will include applications of MANOVA, canonical correlation, logistic regression, discriminant function analysis, cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling, and mixture models. Pre: 604 or PSY 610, or consent.

EDEP 607 Nonparametric Methods for Behavioral Science (3)

Conditions for valid applications of nonparametric statistical techniques in education and behavioral sciences; theoretical and methodological perspectives.

EDEP 608 Introduction to Educational Research (3)

Fundamental design and evaluation procedures in educational research. Topics include an introduction to qualitative and quantitative research, the review of literature, developing research questions, research design, instrumentation, data collection, and writing a research proposal. Pre: 601 (or concurrent) (with a minimum grade of B or higher) or consent.

EDEP 611 Graduate Introduction to Educational Psychology (3)

Graduate level introduction to educational psychology theories, research, and topics.

EDEP 612 Multilevel Modeling for Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Data (3)

Theories and applications of multilevel model to analyze cross-sectional and longitudinal data. Topics include two-level and three-level models, growth models, and multilevel logistic regression. Pre: 604, PSY 610, 612 (with a minimum grade of B or higher), or consent.

EDEP 613 Qualitative Research Methods in Education (3)

Introduction to methods of qualitative research in education. (Meets PhD common core requirement.) (Cross-listed as EDEA 604)

EDEP 616 Measurement in Education and Social Sciences (3)

Measurement and psychometric theories and applications using psychometric programs. Topics include classical test theory, reliability, validity, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, item bias, and item response theory. Pre: 604 or consent. 

EDEP 618 Categorical Data Analysis (3)

Theories and methods for data analysis with categorical and discrete variables; analysis of contingency tables, loglinear models, introduction to generalized linear models for binary, nominal, ordinal, and count outcomes in cross-sectional and longitudinal data sets. Pre: 604, PSY 610, or consent.

EDEP 625 Structural Equation Modeling (3)

Theories and applications to test models with manifest and latent variables. Topics include path analysis, factor analysis, latent variable model, multi-group analysis, latent means model, and other advanced topics in SEM. Pre: 606, PSY 610, PSY 614, or consent.

EDEP 626 Psychometric Methods (3)

Theories and applications of modern psychometrics. Topics include item response theory, detecting biased items, measurement invariance, and current issues in psychometrics. Pre: 604 (with a minimum grade of B+) or consent.

EDEP 631 Adolescence and Education (3)

Discussion-based course presenting an overview of educational psychology applied to teaching adolescents, including theory and research on human learning, adolescent development and its social context, and student assessment.

EDEP 657 Introduction to Program Evaluation (3)

Introduction to concepts and issues related to program evaluation. Topics include preparing for an evaluation, formative and summative uses, and qualitative and quantitative design approaches. A-F only. Pre: 608 (or equivalent).

EDEP 661 Development and Learning (3)

Theories and research on learning and development and their educational applications. Analysis of how learning and development are interrelated.

EDEP 662 Social Context of Learning (3)

Analysis of the social context in the learning process and education, including peer, family, community, and cultural influences. 

EDEP 663 Models of Cognitive Learning (3)

Cognitive models of knowledge acquisition, organization, and utilization; theory and research relating learning and cognition to interactive instructional models.

EDEP 664 Instructional Psychology (3)

Application of learning theory and cognitive skills training in instructional settings.

EDEP 665 Social Cognition and Competence (3)

Systematic analysis of social reasoning abilities conjunctive with or prerequisite to effective social interaction in educational settings.

EDEP 685 Capstone Project in Educational Psychology (V)

To be taken in the final semester or the second to last semester to complete the certificate. Students are expected to integrate, extend, critique and apply knowledge learned in the certificate program. Repeatable three times, up to 12 credits.

EDEP 699 Directed Reading and/or Research (V)

Individual reading and/or research. Repeatable ten times. Pre: consent.

EDEP 700 Thesis Research (V)

Research for master’s thesis. Repeatable seven times.

EDEP 708 Educational Research Methods (3)

Research techniques and thesis development.

EDEP 711 Practicum in Educational Psychology (V)

Supervised practicum in teaching or program evaluation as each is reflected by professional activities of the members of the faculty. Repeatable six times. Pre: consent of supervisory professor.

EDEP 745 Creative Learning Strategies for Adults (3)

Analysis of psychology of adult learner; forces that affect learning in dynamics of individual, group, and organizational behavior; concept of lifelong learning vis-à-vis development of creative strategies that assist maturing, self-directed persons to develop their potentialities. (Cross-listed as EDEA 745 and NURS 745)

EDEP 768 (Alpha) Seminar in Educational Psychology (3)

Current issues and problems in the context of education: (B) general; (C) learning; (D) measurement; (E) statistics; (F) psycho-social development; (G) educational evaluation; (H) research methodology. Repeatable nine times. Pre: consent. Seminar may be repeated for credit as topics vary.

EDEP 800 Dissertation Research (V)

Research for doctoral dissertation. Repeatable unlimited times.