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Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

TAHR 099 International Exchange Study/Research (V)

Study overseas in an approved international or similar exchange program. CR/NC only. Pre: consent of academic advisor.

TAHR 250 Introduction to Sustainability from Social Science Perspectives (3)

Introduction to key concepts and theories in social sciences in relation to sustainability issues. (Cross-listed as SOCS 250 and SUST 250)

TAHR 251 Scientific Principles of Sustainability (3)

Introduction to the scientific principles of sustainability, including the ecology of managed and natural ecosystems, global change biology, ecological principles of natural resource management, renewable energy technologies, and the environmental impacts of humans.

TAHR 415 Extension Education & Outreach (2)

Introduces an essential component of the Land Grant Mission. Students will explore the foundational components of extension education including agent expectations, program development and evaluation, audience engagement, building partnerships, funding structures. Repeatable one time. Junior standing or higher. A-F only. (Cross-listed as TPSS 415)