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Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC)

AREC 610 Biosystems Modeling (3)

Introduction to system thinking, procedures for developing system models, characteristics of important agricultural system modes, computer approach to evaluation and optimization of system models. Pre: one of MATH 215, MATH 241, MATH 251A; or consent. (Crosslisted as BE 638)

AREC 626 Econometrics I (3)

Review of probability, estimation, small sample and asymptotic properties. Bivariate and multiple regression and matrix algebra formulation. Regression diagnostics. Introduction to heteroskedastidity, autocorrelation, simultaneity, dichotomous variables, advanced topics. Pre: NREM 310 or ECON 321, and MATH 241; or consent.

AREC 634 Econometrics II (3)

Specification, statistical estimation, inference, and forecasting of economic models. Includes advanced topics for single-equation models, pooled models, qualitative dependent variables, simultaneous systems, distributed lags, and time series. Pre: 626 and ECON 628, or consent. (Cross-listed as ECON 629)