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Business Law (BLAW)

BLAW 200 Legal Environment of Business (3)

Introduction to the legal environment of business operations with particular attention to business law and ethics and to principles of law relating to contracts, agency, partnerships, and corporations.

BLAW 311 Business Enterprise and Government (3)

Critical study of the legal environment of business administration including competition, monopolies, mergers, securities, taxation, and regulatory agencies. Pre: 200.

BLAW 360 International Business Law (3)

Overview of international and national law as it applies to international trade. Readings and case studies focus on the legal environment of selected areas in the Asia Pacific region and strategies for doing business overseas. Pre: 200.

BLAW 604 Social and Legal Aspects of Management (3)

Study of the legal environment of management with particular attention to the sources, principles, and form of the law; contracts, business organizational structures, agency, and partnership.