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SNSK 181 Introduction to Sanskrit (4)

Introduction to basic Sanskrit grammar; reading and analysis of progressively difficult classical texts.

SNSK 182 Introduction to Sanskrit (4)

Continuation of 181.

SNSK 281 Intermediate Sanskrit (3)

Continuation of 182. Reading and analysis of classical texts with review of grammar. Pre: 182.

SNSK 282 Intermediate Sanskrit (3)

Continuation of 281. Pre: 281.

SNSK 381 Third-Level Sanskrit (3)

Continuation of 282. Reading and analysis of various classical texts. Pre: 282.

SNSK 382 Third-Level Sanskrit (3)

Continuation of 381. Introduction to Veda.

SNSK 481 Fourth-Level Sanskrit (3)

Continuation of 382. Reading, analysis, and interpretation of various Vedic or Sanskrit texts selected according to students’ interests. Pre: 382.

SNSK 482 Fourth-Level Sanskrit (3)

Continuation of 481.

SNSK 685 Advanced Readings in Sanskrit (3)

Advanced study of Sanskrit literature (kâvya) and systematic thought (sâstra), alongside reading and discussion of scholarship on these topics. Specific content will change each semester. Repeatable unlimited times for different topics. Pre: 282 (with a minimum grade of B).