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Persian Studies

PER 257 Persian Literature and Culture in Translation (3)

Survey of classical and contemporary Persian literature in translation.

PER 367 Persian Theater and Culture (3)

Study of Persian and Iranian theater and culture with an overview of history from 2500 B.C. to the contemporary era. Pre: THEA 101 or consent. (Cross-listed as IP 367)

PER 368C Introduction to South/Southeast Asian Film, History, Theory and Appreciation (3)

Study and analysis of South/Southeast Asian films–history, forms, development, theoretical framework and relationship to cultural, social, philosophical and aesthetic context. (C) Iranian. Sophomore standing or higher, or consent. (Cross-listed as PER 368)

PER 430 Persia, Greece, and Rome in the Classical Age (3)

Historical examination of the interaction between the Achaemenid and Parthian empires of Persia and the classical societies of the Mediterranean, such as the Greek city-states, Macedonia, the Hellenistic, and Roman Empires. Recommended: HIST 151. (Cross-listed as CLAS 430 and HIST 430)