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Ilokano (ILO)

ILO 101 Beginning Ilokano (4)

Listening, speaking, reading, writing. Structural points introduced inductively. Meets four hours weekly.

ILO 102 Beginning Ilokano (4)

Continuation of 101. Pre: 101 or consent.

ILO 107 Ilokano for Health Sciences (3)

Development of listening, speaking, reading, writing and other communication skills designed specifically for Nursing, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Public Health and Social Work students. Culture integrated with language study.

ILO 201 Intermediate Ilokano (4)

Continuation of 102. Meets four hours weekly; three of four hours devoted to drill and practice. Pre: 102 or consent.

ILO 202 Intermediate Ilokano (4)

Continuation of 201. Pre: 201 or consent.

ILO 301 Third-Level Ilokano (3)

To further acquire and develop Ilokano language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, utilizes ethnographic and sociolinguistic approaches in order to further examine and interrogate the relationship of language and culture. Pre: 202 or exam, or consent.

ILO 302 Third-Level Ilokano (3)

Continuation of 301. Pre: 301 or exam, or consent.

ILO 315 Ilokano Aural Comprehension (3)

Training in listening comprehension of different authentic and simulated materials as presented in documentaries, soap operas, radio and television news and other broadcasts, formal lectures, plays, natural conversations, songs, and student-created sitcoms and dramas. Pre: 202 or consent.

ILO 331 Contemporary Ilokano Literature (3)

Conducted in Ilokano, this course explores the literary landscape of Ilokano literature from the perspective of Ilokano writers based in the Philippines as well as those outside of the country. Pre: 301 or consent.

ILO 401 Fourth-Level Ilokano (3)

Continuation of 302. Conducted in Ilokano. Advanced reading, writing, and conversation. Contemporary Ilokano literature; cultural and historical topics. Pre: 302 or equivalent.

ILO 402 Fourth-Level Ilokano (3)

Continuation of 401. Pre: 401 or exam, or consent.

ILO 424 Introduction to Ilokano for Interpreters (3)

Techniques for interpreting Ilokano into English and vice versa. A-F only. Pre: 302 or consent.

ILO 425 Ilokano Interpretation Field Practicum (3)

Provide extensive practical training in consecutive, simultaneous, sight and telephonic interpreting. It requires observation and study of interpretation strategies and techniques in relevant situations. Pre: 301 or consent.

ILO 451 Structure of Ilokano (3)

Introduction to phonology, morphology, and syntax. Pre: 202 or consent.

ILO 486 Ilokano for the Mass Media (3)

Ilokano as the medium for print journalism, for radio show programming, and for television production. Pre: 302 or consent. (Fall only)