College can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know anyone. When I first started college, I would go to my classes, then leave right afterward. I felt as if something was missing like I wasn’t getting the full college experience – I wanted to make friends and be more engaged on campus. 

Meet like-minded people 

Hawai’i Student Entrepreneurs was the first club that I joined and it turned my entire college experience around. I immediately met individuals who had the same drive and passions as me who have become some of my closest friends.


Network with professionals

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Clubs always provide networking opportunities by bringing professionals to give workshops, lectures, and advice to students. Clubs are a great way to meet professionals in the field that you want to pursue.

Making connections with other students and professionals will help you later on when you are looking for a job and will continue to help you throughout your personal and professional life. 



Help get jobs and internships

Professionals often offer students in clubs jobs or internship opportunities. They are looking for driven students who make an extra effort to join extracurricular activities to work for their company.  

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a great club that brings in professionals weekly. When there are available positions at certain companies, our club is the first to know. Professionals either email or announce job opportunities to us during our meetings.

At the end of each semester, PRSSA has a career day where we tour 4-5 different companies. Last semester we visited Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii News Now, Halekulani and MVNP. Each of those companies informed us about job opportunities and accepted our resumes. 


Make your resume look good

Being in a club based around your particular field of study will give you experience within that field — and employers know that. Showing employers that you were a part of a student lead club lets them know that you are driven, hard-working, and can handle multiple responsibilities. 


You’ll have fun! 

After all, we are college students, we like to have fun. Clubs often have fun social events such as karaoke, beach days, dinners, movies, etc. Meeting new people, making friends, and participating in activities will give you an enjoyable college experience.