Why should we all expect to have the same needs from our jobs? The Mānoa Career Center offers a wide variety of jobs through a number of job programs that allow students with radically different schedules and needs to work and learn from their college jobs.

How do I decide which job program to choose?

The key to learning which job program is right for you is to take a look at your class schedule, your course workload, your transportation requirements, and your interests. Then go through the sece jobs database and find a job that meets your needs.

University Employment

Working at the University. There are nearly 4,000 students working on the UHM campus. Mānoa Career Center can help you find the University job you’ve been looking for.

  • Variety of positions
  • Convenient on-campus locations
  • Flexible hours

Federal Work Study

Working in the community and university. Federal Work Study is a financial-aid based program that subsidizes a portion of college expenses by offering employment in career or community service positions.

  • Personalized employment counseling
  • High priority for job referrals
  • Variety of positions on and off campus