Before the Job Fair:

  • Prepare a resume and bring copies to leave with employers
  • Identify experiences which demonstrate your strengths, skills and abilities
  • Stress unique achievements and accomplishments
  • Practice a brief summary of who you are and what you have to offer
  • Know why you want to work for this company

During the Job Fair:

  • Smile, be polite and enthusiastic
  • Be well groomed
  • Make eye contact and shake hands
  • Be articulate and “sell yourself”
  • Listen to the recruiter
  • Ask for a business card or contact information for follow-up

After the Job Fair:

  • Compose and send Thank You letters immediately!
  • Make a reference to when and where you spoke with the individual
  • Reiterate your interests
  • Keep a record of your contacts to make follow up calls
  • Evaluate your experience for improvement

Questions to Ask Recruiters:

  • What skills or talents are most essential to be effective in this job and/or organization?
  • What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this job?
  • I would like to focus on….What areas in your organization would I be a good fit?
  • Are there other positions I might be qualified for with my major and background that I should know about?
  • What special advice do you have for a student seeking to qualify for this position?
  • What do you like most about this organization? How did you start your career with this organization?