There are many benefits of working with the Mānoa Career Center. As a student or alumnus of the University of Hawai‘i you can benefit from the job programs that are offered.

Take a look at the benefits you’ll gain by working with the Mānoa Career Center below:

Awareness:Checkmark Gain an awareness of your strengths, interests, values & abilities by participating in student organizations, leadership development activities, University employment, or Federal Work Study programs.
Exploration:Checkmark Explore the world of work & majors through informational interviews, career shadowing, professors, working in a Non-University work experience, or meeting with a counselor for individualized direction.
Experience:Checkmark Test your discoveries by gaining career related skills through short term Internships and/or advanced, long-term Cooperative Education (Co-op) experiences.
Reflection:Checkmark Document and reflect on what you have learned, acquired, and experienced to your resume or portfolio to prepare for your future plans.