Working from home is a fun change at first, but overtime it can get hard to find motivation to continue working when your bed is steps away from you. 

I stumbled across a few blog posts sharing some tips to help with working from home that I wanted to share as we prepare for our fall semester. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated while working (and learning) at home:

Create a schedule

Schedules are extremely helpful and important when working from home. You can see when you need to do what and it can keep you on task. Since you don’t have to commute anywhere, you can find pockets of time to do other things such as read, workout, or even take a nap!

Tip: Create your schedule first thing in the morning. Not only will this help you start your day, but you’ll feel more motivated to get things done!

Have a designated workspace

Working from your bed causes so many distractions. You start to feel lazy and tired because your bed reminds you of sleep. Find a spot where you can sit comfortably and feel productive. The desk in your room or the dining room table are good spots to get work done. If you can, take your work outside. If you can, find a spot outdoors to do your work for a change of scenery.

Get ready for the day like you normally would

Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you should wake up five minutes before your shift to begin work. Continue your morning routine. Wake up when you normally would. Change out of your pajamas. Make yourself some breakfast. Do what you’d usually do in the morning to get your day started.

Minimize distractions

Once you get distracted, it’s hard to get back into your work. Eliminate distractions as best as you can while getting things done. Leave your phone in another room or put it on “Do Not Disturb.” Listen to music to eliminate any background noise near your area. Block any sites you would frequently visit if you get distracted. 

Find what works best for you

Everyone’s work habits are different! Find the right fit for you. Maybe you need to set a certain amount of time for specific tasks. Maybe you give yourself 2 breaks during your work day. Try different strategies to create the most ideal work environment that will help you work effectively. 

End the day on time

Sometimes this can be easier said than done. Once, it’s time for your shift to be over, close your tabs and unwind for the night. Just as if you were working in-house, you should be ready to change back in your pajamas and call it a day. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself!

I hope these tips help you find some motivation in any work you’re doing at home. Here are the links to the original blog posts I read: