Internships are a great way for you to gain valuable work experience in an area of career interest. They allow you to apply what you have learned in the classroom to a professional real-life setting while also allowing you to acquire valuable industry knowledge that may not be taught in a regular classroom. As the pandemic has created an increased demand for remote work, many internships have gone virtual. However, there are still some opportunities to gain in-person experience as well!

Below are links to organizations and other online resources where you will be able to find an array of virtual, in-person, regional, national, and even international internship opportunities!


Experience creating valuable connections and crucial skills through opportunities in sales, engineering, marketing, research, and more at one of America’s leading multinational computer software companies.


Find opportunities around the world to see what it is like to work at Amazon and gain experience working on products, programs, and services that reach millions of people worldwide. Interns end their programs with a presentation of their projects to Amazon employees.

American Red Cross

Participate in a paid internship opportunity to gain valuable experience while helping those affected by disasters. Openings vary depending on the needs of the department and organization.

Bohler Engineering

Learn more about land development consulting and technical design services through an internship at one of Bohler Engineering’s office locations in the U.S.

The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project is a national campaign working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy. Take part in this part-time 12-week unpaid virtual internship to gain skills required to lead a nonprofit organization.  


Help keep the nation safe while working alongside experts in your field of study in one of the CIA’s student internships or co-operative education programs.


Pursue an internship to learn more about the operational activities of one of America’s leading multinational financial service corporations. Opportunities are available around the world and positions are well-suited for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in accounting, finance, and other business majors.

CVS Health

Consider an internship at the American healthcare company that also owns CVS pharmacy. Opportunities include actuarial, construction management, data science, human resources, marketing operations, and pharmacy internships, along with many more at locations across the U.S.


Participate in an internship, co-op, or development program to help build relevant skills while working on a meaningful project. National and international opportunities are available!


Pursue a professional internship for students and recent graduates where you can work side-by-side with industry leaders in your preferred field of study. Some career areas include business, finance, data analytics, innovation, marketing and sales, customer service, and entertainment. International opportunities are available too! 


Gain real-world experience and accelerate your personal growth through a 12-week summer internship at the global market leader in Geographic Information System software. 

Estee Lauder

Apply for a summer 2022 internship at an American multinational cosmetics company. Positions include those in accounting and finance, e-commerce, communications and public relations, human resources, product development, and supply chain management. 


Register online and gain some virtual work experience from Fortune 500 companies like Citi, KPMG, and General Electric, to learn relevant skills from top companies and gain a career advantage.

General Motors

Participate in a 10-week summer paid internship program where you can work on major projects alongside industry-leading professionals. Across the U.S., positions are available in departments like customer experience, finance, human resources, IT, and marketing.


Join this online community to get exclusive access to job and internship opportunities that are curated just for you. The site also offers hands-on career resources, like Q&A sessions with managers and executives at top employers.


Create an account on this trusted job-seeking platform to find an internship or career that’s perfect for you and your career areas of interest.


Find an internship or entry-level role in areas of interest like consulting, design and development, finance, human resources, marketing and communications, product management, and more. 


Search through an array of internship opportunities in the non-profit sector to find an internship that’s perfect for you. Opportunities range from on-site to remote at organizations across the nation.


Search for internship and job openings in your area on this leading job search engine. You can even upload your resume to the site, so employers can also reach out to you if you are eligible for one of their openings.


Find an internship perfect for you and your career of interest on this site created by career expert Lauren Berger. The site has already connected over 6 million people with their dream careers.

Search through the world’s largest internship marketplace to find an opportunity to gain real-life experience in a career you’re interested in.


Join this professional platform to create a profile to help with your job search. While networking with professionals in industries you’re interested in, you can also look for internship and career opportunities that are perfect for you. Some employers may even recruit you on the platform based on your profile.


Participate in a 6-week summer remote paid internship for a multinational technology company that integrates network assets and new technologies to allow businesses to leverage their data, adopt emerging technologies, and capitalize on the power of the fourth industrial revolution.


Consider a remote internship to gain valuable real-life experience at an American global computer security software company.


Interested in media? Use this site to look through an array of internship and job opportunities from the world’s leading media companies like Fox and NBC. This site also offers career services to spruce up your resume and cover letter, and freelance opportunities for students as well.

NBC Universal

Participate in an internship to gain experience at a multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate corporation. Locations span from San Diego to London and positions include content strategy, film IT, sales, research, marketing, production, international media, public relations, and media and software engineering, among many more.

Northwestern Mutual

Interested in a career in finance? Apply for the opportunity to participate in an internship program that has been recognized as one of the top 100 programs in the U.S. for 24 years in a row. 


Pursue a summer internship at one of America’s leading multinational financial technology companies at one of their many offices across the country. Positions include those in software engineering, data science and analysis, finance and accounting, risk management, product management, and more.


Find an internship perfect for your area of interest at one of America’s leading multinational food, snack, and beverage corporations. Positions include global sustainability, IT, food service sales, global procurement, e-commerce, corporate logistics, and more.


Become a(n) account operations, legal, market operations, software engineering, or treasury risk and analysis intern at an American financial services company that offers commission-free investing and other tools to help one’s financial future.

Simply Hired

Find national and virtual internships in any area of interest on this site. Opportunities can span from marketing and pre-law to animation and software engineering. There is even a section for 2022 summer science internships.

STEM Undergrads

Look for federal internship opportunities for STEM undergraduates. Lots of opportunities are available including those in biomedical engineering. 


Find an internship opportunity at Momentive (formerly known as SurveyMonkey), an online platform tool for administering surveys, in one of their many departments like engineering, IT, product design, and customer operations. Many remote opportunities are also available.


Pursue a paid internship opportunity in one of twelve areas of interest at one of America’s leading retailers. 

Texas Instruments

Gain real hands-on experience at one of the locations around the world for this American technology company. Positions include those in process development, manufacturing operations, human resources, customer operations, technical sales engineering, and more.


Participate in an internship opportunity at a United Nations agency that works in over 190 countries and territories to aid disadvantaged children worldwide. Interns receive stipends for their living expenses.

UnitedHealth Group

Pursue an internship at an American multinational healthcare and insurance company where you can find opportunities in technology development, marketing, human capital communications, and more.


Interested in a job or internship for the government? Utilize this site to look through all of the federal job and internship openings available! Many of the internship opportunities are based in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.


Participate in a 10-week internship program for undergraduate juniors, seniors, and first-year master’s degree students where you will gain real world work experience in your major and career, collaborate with other interns on projects, and receive mentoring from senior managers.


Pursue an internship at a leading American wireless network provider in one of many areas including systems engineering, business intelligence, tax, legal, and network engineering.

WayUp – Virtual Internships

Find an array of paid and unpaid virtual internships for national companies. Some opportunities include political journalism, blogging, software engineering, accounting, and so much more!


Here is an article I found of 50 great companies that promoted remote internships at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic!

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