Graduating during the Covid-19 pandemic and attempting to enter the workforce in a recession is a terrifying feeling. Friends, family, professors all have suggested me to attend graduate school to further my education during these challenging times.

Throughout my undergrad, I never considered going to graduate school, I haven’t prepared or done any research whatsoever – I did not even know where to start. I reached out to the Mānoa Career Center to schedule an appointment to talk about my options. I had no idea how much one counseling session could help!

I had an online Zoom meeting with one of the counselors, Thomas. Thomas was such a big help and motivated me to look forward to graduate school. He shared with me his experiences when he attended graduate school and how much it has helped him in his personal and professional career, which inspired me and became excited about it. We talked about what to expect the classes and work to be like, how to choose the perfect school and program, how to write a great personal statement, and more.

Within the next couple of days after our meeting, Thomas sent me a generous list of graduate schools that he researched and thought would be of interest to me based on our discussion. Our hour-long meeting was so beneficial in helping me decide and figure out my next steps after graduation.

I wish I knew sooner about all of the free services that the Mānoa Career Center provides for students! I highly recommended every student to meet with a career counselor at least once during their college career. They are so incredibly helpful, have so many resources and advice, and it’s FREE! It is definitely worth your time.