Internships allow you to gain tons of experience by practicing and learning key skills that can be used in future opportunities. By participating in internships, you can find out what your strongest skills are and get more opportunities that relate to your interest. 

Continue reading to learn more about Micro Internships and how these projects can help prepare you for other internships and career opportunities. 

What are micro internships?

Micro internships are virtual internships that allow students to work remotely on short term projects. These internships are about one semester long and they help you gather many different skill sets. 

Micro internships offer students access to the work experience they search for during college. This gives all students, especially those of low income or resources, the chance to learn from employers and make personal connections with people they work with. 

Most projects are short and remote, allowing students to work anywhere and anytime. Just because these projects are short, doesn’t mean the payoff shrinks with it. Students can work through multiple projects to build a larger and broader portfolio. Plus, more industry professionals will be familiar with you and your skills. 

It is important to gain as much experience as you can to prepare for an entry level career. These internships help you gather large amounts of experience and feedback, along with opportunities to network with professionals in your desired field. 

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