Hailey Mock is a 2019 UH Mānoa Graphic Design graduate. She is a former employee of the Mānoa Career Center, she started off as our Student Graphic Designer and got promoted to the Graphic Designer full-time position after graduation. She decided to move back home to California to pursue her career.

Hailey is currently searching for a job during this Covid-19 pandemic. During these tough times, job hunting is a little more difficult, especially for recent graduates. We asked Hailey student’s questions about the job search, virtual interviews, and online networking. Keep reading for some of her helpful tips!

1. How do you find out which companies are still hiring during this pandemic?

I like to use job posting sites like Glassdoor, indeed, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with recent job openings. You can even download the app to receive notifications on new job postings right on your phone! If you’re really interested in a company you could also send them a professional email asking if they are still hiring due to this pandemic.


2. How effective is using professional online platforms like LinkedIn to look for jobs?

Linked in is a good platform to see what kind of jobs are out there as well as to see if you have any connections with that company. I would suggest looking into other online platforms like Glassdoor and indeed because I have found more opportunities there than just looking at LinkedIn. Looking online for a job is really helpful due to this pandemic and its restrictions. It is also beneficial to reach out to people who you know to see if they know of any openings! My dad recently shared my website portfolio to one of his old friends and he responded saying he might be able to see if his company is hiring.

I also struggled with starting the job search process. It really helped when I gave myself a schedule and a deadline to get my website and resume ready!

If you do decide to use online platforms to look for jobs, make sure your profile is updated on all platforms.


3. What is some advice about virtual interviews?

Before your virtual interview, make sure you let your family or roommates know that you will be in an interview and you can not be disturbed or interrupted, and ask them if they could keep the noise down as much as possible. Set-up a nice, quiet area for your interview with good lighting, strong WiFi connection, and no visual distractions in the background. Be sure to do a test run on your internet, audio, and the video-chat program that you will be using so you will not face any issues with the employer.

Just like any other interview, dress appropriately! Wear the same time of attire as you would wear at an in-person interview. Maintaining good eye-contact is also important even through the computer screen.

Don’t forget to prepare! Virtual interviews arent much different – make sure to research the company, understand the role you are applying for, practice answering a variety of questions, and prepare questions to ask the employer.


4. How do you network with professionals during this time?

LinkedIn is also a great resource to network with professionals. I have been directly messaging employers on LinkedIn asking for informational interviews, current job openings, and future job openings.

One of my housemates has been attending virtual career panels on Zoom through her school. Schools are doing a lot to help students during this time, reach out to the Career Center, clubs, or counselors to see what type of resources they are offering during this time.