We asked employers to tell us why they like hiring Co-ops for their positions. Hereʻs what they said.

Wallace “Wally” Sato Co-op Engineering Supervisor

“Students bring new ways of thinking/different ideas into the office. They are able to do tasks for others, so others can tend to other urgent matter[s]. They are able to do training in our office on new equipment since they pickup on how things operate very fast. With the student’s help, the work in our office get accomplished as scheduled.”

Bucky Bogaev Clinical Education Instructor

“The Co-op program affects our organization at all levels. We have benefited in the past and (we) hope to continue to participate in the coming future years. I feel this partnership has contributed to the growth of our staff.”

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Marc Nishida Co-op Engineering Supervisor

“The Co-op program provides serious applicants and the Co-op agreement creates a stronger commitment between employer-employee. Counselors help to communicate work values to Co-ops which helps with their maturity and development. Counselors give helpful advice to employers on improving working relationships with young Co-ops.”

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Sarah Pendleton Co-op Engineering Supervisor

“I have nothing but good things to say about the Co-op program. It allows both the student and employer know what they are getting themselves into before making any commitments. Plus it gives students work experience to put on their resumes.”

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