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Music Student Playing Shamisen

Music Student Playing Shamisen

Linguistic Graduate Seminar

Linguistic Graduate Seminar

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Students walking in O‘ahu Bamboo Forrest

Alumni Allison Bianco Exhibition

Alumni Allison Bianco Exhibition


Explore our academic majors and minors. Our degrees in languages, the humanities, interdisciplinary studies, and the arts immerse you in the liberal and creative arts with rigorous training, opportunities for independent study, and research. We are grounded and guided by the humanities and arts, yet also focus on practical skills for twenty-first century careers which require the ability to think and act independently, draw on a broad set of design and critical thinking skills, and work in teams and groups. National studies prove that our majors do just as well in careers and the job market as other university majors. Creative and liberal arts majors are found widely throughout the work world, including education, law, business and finance, and even public health and medicine, as students discover their liberal arts undergraduate majors are either excellent stand- alone degrees or serve as springboards to professional school training at the graduate level.

List of Majors, Minors & Certificates

American Studies : BA / Minor / MA / PhD
Art : BA, BFA / Minor / MFA
Art History : BA / Minor / MA
Asian Studies : BA / Minor / MA / BAM**
Asian International Affairs : MAIA
Chinese : BA/Minor/Cert.
Chinese Studies: Grad Cert.
Cinematic Arts : BA
Classics : Cert.
Dance : Minor
East Asian Languages and Literatures : MA / PhD / BAM**
English : BA / Minor / MA / PhD / BAM**
Filipino : Minor / Cert.
French : Minor
German Studies : Minor
Hindi : Cert.
History : BA / Minor / MA / PhD
Ilokano : Minor / Cert.
Indonesians : Cert.
Islamic Studies : Cert.
Japanese : BA / Minor / Cert.
Japanese Studies : Grad Cert.
Khmer (Cambodian) : Cert.
Korean : BA / Minor / Cert.
Korean Studies : Grad Cert.

Languages & Literatures of Europe & the Americas : BA
Latin America & Iberian Studies : Minor
Linguistics : Minor / BA* / MA / PhD (*track in Interdisclplinary Studies)
Museum Studies : Grad Cert.
Music : BA / BMUS / Minor / Cert. / MA / MMus / PhD
Pacific Island Studies : BA / MA / Grad Cert. / BAM**
Philippine Language and Culture: BA
Philippine Studies : Grad Cert.
Philosophy : BA / Minor / MA / PhD + Minor in Philosophy for Children
Religious Traditions of Asia and the Pacific : MA
Religious Traditions & Ancient Civilizations : BA
Russian: Cert.
Samoan : Cert.
Sanskrit : Cert.
Second Language Studies : BA / Minor / MA / PhD / Grad Cert. / BAM**
South Asian Studies : Grad Cert.
Southeast Asian Studies : Grad Cert.
Spanish : Minor / MA
Tahitian : Cert.
Thai : Cert.
Theatre : Minor
Theatre & Dance : BA / BFA / MA / MFA / PhD
Vietnamese : Cert.

**BAM allows students to complete both the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in five years by double-counting course work (3 courses) at the undergraduate tuition rate. For more information, contact the relevant department.


Why should I select a major in CALL?

A major in CALL will not only give you working knowledge in your major, but provides broader skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.  These are skills that are highly requested by employers in today’s job market.

What degrees and certificates are available in the College of Arts, Languages & Letters?

Click here for a list of all our degrees and certificates.

What scholarships are available in CALL?

UH Mānoa awarded over $11 million dollars to students annually. Selected scholarships are available to only CALL majors. Applications are accepted from declared majors at

Examples of Funding Sources:
Bernice and Arthur Chun Scholarship
CASAA Academic Opportunities Award
CASAA Annual Scholarship
J. Watumull Scholarship
John Young Scholarship
K.S. Cheng Memorial Scholarship
UHAA/NCRC Scholarship

For International Students
Dai Ho Chun Scholarship
June C. Naughton International Student Services Scholarship
Outstanding International Student Scholarship

Graduate Student Organization Funding
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

How can I double major in CALL?

In order to double major in CALL, you will first need to ensure your current major is okay with you adding a second major. Then, you will get approvals from the the new major and Advising Center for CALL.  We will also have you go through an exercise to plan out your intended plan to finish the requirements for both majors so you know when your intended graduation date will be.

What centers fall under the College of Arts, Languages & Letters?

Click here for a list of all our departments/centers.

Are there student clubs or associations in CALL?

There are numerous student clubs or associations related to majors in CALL.  To see all of the Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs) on the Manoa campus, you can search for them at

How do I apply to the university?

How do I register for classes?

Click here for Class Availability and here for STAR Registration

How do I apply for graduation?

Click here for the Registrar’s Office.

Student Resources

Admission Office  QLC Room 001
2600 Campus Road, Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 956-8975 /

Undergraduate Advising  Sinclair Room 301
2425 Campus Road, Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 956-8755 /

Scholarships, Awards & Internships
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I always felt supported by the ACM faculty to pursue whatever creative idea I had. ACM’s animation track is comprehensive, hands-on, and you will have made multiple films by the time you leave.

Majoring in AMST contributed to my love for social justice. My experience taught me to bridge theory and practice to create a school that sees the potential in all kids to transform their communities.

College Office Hawaiʻi Hall, Room 314  [map]
2500 Campus Road, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96822
Office Hours M-Th  7:15 AM – 4 PM
(808) 956-6460 / / CALL WEEKLY (past issues + subscribe link)

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