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Kyaw Hsan Hlaing headshot

CALL LATELY / Kyaw Hsan Hlaing

Asian Studies major Kyaw Hsan Hliang was published (2.10.2023) in The Diplomat. The article is an analysis of the relationship between the Indian government and revolutionary groups in Rakhine province, Myanmar.

Kyaw Hsan Hlaing is a 26 years old independent journalist from Burma. He began covering the atrocities committed in his home state of Rakhine and elsewhere after the military seized power on February 1, 2021. Because of his fearless reporting which managed to reach an international audience, he was targeted by the military and his life was in extreme danger. He escaped to Thailand, was granted political asylum by the United States. He arrived in the US in February 2022 and accepted into UHM as an Asian Studies major in Spring 2023.

Hlaing has been a guest contributing writer for a Pulitzer Centre project on intensive armed conflict in western Burma, Arakan State during 2018-20. He was one of the award winners at the 2021 Human Rights Press Awards and the 2021 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for the Foreign Correspondence from the Society of Professional Journalist, as well as the finalist of the 2021 Society of Publisher in Asia (SOPA) awards for the Excellence in Opinion Writing. READ 2.10.2023 article in The Diplomat

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