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Hammock napping in front of Hawai'i Hall

Midday nap in front of Hawai'i Hall

Students in front of Korean Studies building

Academy for Creative Media student filming

Spirit of Rice choreographed by Amy Lynn Schiffner and Kent Shinomae

Academy for Creative Media students on location

The College of Arts, Languages and Letters (CALL) anchors the liberal arts at UH Mānoa. CALL encompasses the study of the arts, humanities, languages and area studies on a global scale, with a rigorous emphasis on Hawaiʻi, the Pacific and Asia through our degree programs and interdisciplinary centers and initiatives. The College houses seventeen academic departments, the School of Pacific and Asian Studies, and multiple national research and resource centers. CALL’s strengths range from the creative arts to a comprehensive focus on the study of languages – first, second, heritage and world; from the core liberal arts to emerging interdisciplinary collaborations across our College and with other academic programs at Mānoa. CALL’s mission is to deliver a high-quality education to our undergraduate and graduate students grounded in proven and innovative pedagogy and benefitting from the original scholarship of our faculty, putting student learning and original research at the forefront of our endeavors. Our faculty are leaders in their fields and produce cutting-edge performances, publications, and other creative and scholarly work.

Our graduates draw upon the best of academic training in established disciplines and fields, contemporary scholarship and artistic practice, and new, emerging interdisciplinary fields, from sustainability to language and technology and digital media, among others. We offer a dynamic, unique learning environment responsive to our awareness of place and history and the ever-shifting opportunities and challenges of citizenship, locally, nationally and globally, which urgently confront us. Our graduates are skilled in oral and written communication, critical thinking, communal inquiry, research, multilingualism, design thinking and practice, and the creative realm more widely, outfitting them with the attributes necessary to thrive in a workforce that is regularly evolving but for which such skill sets are essential. We take seriously the task of inspiring the young people of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Want to become a CALL major? Confused about your requirements? Need a Scholarship? Are you on track to graduate? Connect with the CALL Advising Center for these answers and more!

Alumni Spotlight

A world-recognized credential!
In the unparalleled East Asian languages, I am most grateful for one of the best programs in the nation giving Classical Chinese expertise to all the great classics.

Being an American Studies major led me to understand my identity as a Japanese American in ways I don’t think I would have experienced had I gone to a university on the mainland.

College Office Hawaiʻi Hall, Room 314  [map]
2500 Campus Road, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96822
Office Hours M-Th  7:15 AM – 4 PM
(808) 956-6460 / / CALL WEEKLY (past issues + subscribe link)

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