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ZOOL 632 - Advanced Biometry (4)

(3 Lec, 1 2-hr Discussion) Multivariate statistical methods: multiple regression and correlation; multiway anova; general linear models; repeated measures and multivariate anova; loglinear analysis and logistic regression. Pre: 631 or consent.

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ZOOL 631 - Biometry (4)

(3 Lec, 1 2-hr Discussion) Basic statistical methods: design of studies; data exploration; probability; distributions; parametric and nonparametric one-sample, two-sample, multi-sample, regression, and correlation analyses; frequency tables. Pre: MATH 215 or 216 or 241 or 251A or NREM 203 (or equivalent), or consent.

Course Syllabus, 2014: /biology/sites/

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Marguerite Butler

Marguerite Butler

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Functional Morphology, Biomechanics, Phylogenetics, Macroevolution, Modeling, and Statistics



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