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ZOOL 200 - Marine Biology (2)

Biology and ecology of marine plants and animals; coral reefs, the deep sea, rocky shores, marine mammals, fisheries, aquaculture, pollution, and conservation of marine resources.  DB

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BIOL 331L - Marine Mammal Biology Lab (2)

Laboratory to accompany 331. Activities will include taxonomy, anatomy, morphology, necropsy, hematology, population estimating methods, tracking, field distribution surveys, stranding response, and energetics, and/or similar depending on field access and availability of specimens. A-F only. Pre: C (not C-) or better in 171/171L and 172/172L and 265/265L and 331 (or concurrent), or consent. DY


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BIOL 331 - Marine Mammal Biology (3)

Overview of marine mammal science, significance and roles of marine mammals in their ecosystems, and marine conservation issues. Current research topics in marine mammal science will also be covered. Pre: C (not C-) or better in 171/171L, 172/172L, and 265, 265L; or consent. DB

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Whitlow Au

Researcher Emeritus, Marine Mammal Research Program, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Echolocation, Hearing and Acoustics of Marine Mammals




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