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Kim N. Holland

Researcher, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Physiology and Behavior of Aquatic Animals; Resource Conservation





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ZOOL 608 - Fish Behavior and Sensory Biology (2)

Lectures, readings and presentations on sensory systems and behavior of fishes. A-F only. Pre: 306, 430, 465, 606; or consent. Co-requisite: 608L. (Alt. years)

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ZOOL 465 - Fish Systematics (3)

 Survey of fish biodiversity focusing on major lineages, their phylogenetic relationships, and their geographic distribution in light of evolutionary history. Taught spring semester in alternate years. Junior standing or higher. Pre: BIOL 171 and BIOL 172. (Alt. years: spring) DB

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ZOOL 460 - Avian Biology (3)

Broad coverage of the morphology, physiology, ecology, behavior, and evolution of birds, emphasizing the relation of birds to general theory in biology. Pre: BIOL 265. DB

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ZOOL 442 - Introduction to Neuroscience (3)

Nerve cells, their signalling capabilities and the developmental organization of nervous systems, both invertebrate and vertebrate, for sensory reception, integration, behavioral command and learning; insights from on-going research using molecular, genetic, biophysical, and imaging methods. Pre: BIOL 275 or consent. (Spring only)

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ZOOL 306 - Ethology (2)

Introduction to animal and human ethology and sociobiology; emphasis on social and interspecific behavior, its causes and adaptive significance. Lab optional. Pre: 101 and 101L with C grade (non-science majors), or BIOL 265 with C grade (life science majors); or consent. DB

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ZOOL 101 - Principles of Zoology (3)

Structure, development, physiology, reproduction, evolution, behavior, and ecology of animals.  DB

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BIOL 172 - Introduction to Biology II (3)

Anatomy, physiology, and systematics of plants and animals; behavior; ecosystems, populations, and communities. Pre: CHEM (131, 151, 161, 171, or 181A) or concurrent, and BIOL 172L (or concurrent), or consent. DB

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