Peter Marko

Peter Marko

Associate Professor

Evolution, Biogeography and Conservation




EDM 317


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Research Interests

I am interested in how historical biogeographic and contemporary ecological processes interact to shape patterns of species diversity in the world's oceans. Much of the work in my lab has focused on finding answers to basic questions about population divergence and speciation, but my postdocs and students work on a wide range of projects, from population size estimation in sharks to paternity in barnacles to identifying mislabeled seafood products. Next-generation sequencing methods have rapidly and dramatically widened the scope for understanding the impacts of spatial environmental variation on genome-wide patterns of genetic differentiation in so-called non-model organisms, and we are actively engaged in this king of work as a way to distinguish among demographic and selective processes that shape patterns of genetic variation in natural populations, how geneitc data can be used to understand the evolutionary histories of marine populations, and how this information can potentially guide conservation efforts.Don't forget to enter a short version in the custom summary field (above).

Selected Publications

Cox, L. N., Zaslavskaya, N. I., & P. B. Marko. 2014. Phylogeography and trans-Pacific divergence in Nucella lima. Journal of Biogeography 41: 615-627.

Walther, K., Crickenberger, S.E., Marchant, S., Marko, P.B., and A.L. Moran. 2013. Thermal tolerance of larvae of Pollicipes elegans, a marine species with an antitropical distribution. Marine Biology 160: 2723-2732.

Marko, P. B., Nance, H. A., and K. D. Guynn. 2011. Genetic detection of mislabeled fish from a certified sustainable fishery. Current Biology 21: R621-R622.

Marko, P. B. and M. W. Hart. 2011. The complex analytical landscape of gene flow inference. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 26: 448-456.