Marc O. Lammers

Assistant Researcher, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Marine Bioacoustics and Cetacean Behavior






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Research Interests

Marc Lammers is an Associate Research Professor at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology at the University of Hawai’i, and is Co-Founder and President of Oceanwide Science Institute. His research interests are diverse, but largely focused on marine bioacoustics, cetacean behavior and the effects of anthropogenic activities on marine life.  Dr. Lammers is an active collaborator with many researchers in Hawaii and around the world, and is a teacher/mentor to undergraduate and graduate students. He led the development of the Ecological Acoustic Recorder (EAR), which has been widely used around the world for monitoring sounds in marine habitats for the past 10 years.  His interests in marine science are broad and range in scope from research to education and conservation. He has worked on projects focused on a variety of topics and marine organisms including corals, fish, turtles, dolphins and whales.  His work has yielded more than 60 scientific publications, including the recent book titled Listening in the Ocean (Springer).

Selected Publications

Lammers, M.O., Pack, A.A. and Davis, L. (In prep). “Trends in whale/vessel collisions in Hawaiian waters” To be submitted to theJ. Cetacean Res. Manage.

Lammers, M.O., Stieb, S., Au, W.W.L., Mooney, T.A., Brainard, R.E. and Wong, K. (In prep). “Temporal, geographic and density variations in the acoustic activity of snapping shrimp.” To be submitted to Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser.

Au, W.W.L., Lammers, M.O. and Yin, S. (In press). “Acoustics of dusky dolphins” In: Dusky Dolphins: Master Acrobats Off Different Shores. Eds. Würsig, B. & Würsig, M. Elsevier.