Focus Requirements

UH Manoa undergraduates are required to complete focus designated courses for graduation. Focus designations include: contemporary ethical (ETH) issues; Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific (HAP) issues; oral communication (OC); and writing intensive (WI). When possible, we encourage you to complete focus requirements within courses that serve as multiple degree requirements. In addition, some courses may carry focus designations that complete more than one focus requirement.  Essentially, one course can help you complete your focus requirements more efficiently.

The General Education Office (GEO) maintains a database of courses that are or have been approved to be taught with focus designations that you can use to search for  specific combinations of focus requirements.  You can find the database by clicking here.  Please note that focus designations are instructor specific and can change from semester to semester.  We suggest that you use the database as a guide with the Online Class Availability to see which courses are offered with the approved focus designations.

Sample 4-year plans including focus requirements:

​Here is an example list of courses (as of June 2014) that Marine Biology majors can use to fill major or general education requirements while satisfying multiple focus requirements.

Note: Please see the current Online Class Availability for the most up-to-date focus designations