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BIOL 468 - The Rise of Fishes (3)

The origins and early evolution of fishes, with a focus on morphological innovations that have led to lineage divergence and adaptive radiation, and the nature of underlying processes associated with novel character trait evolution. A-F only. Pre: 265. (Alt. years: spring) DB

BIOL 468, The Rise of Fishes, has been designed to meet the interests of upper levels students wanting an introduction to fish evolution that is less taxon-comprehensive than ZOOL 465, Fish Systematics (formerly called General Ichthyology), and directs greater attention on the origins of the major taxa from a morphogenic innovation perspective, and how the evolution of novel features early in the history of fishes has led to transformative divergences in stem taxa.

BIOL 468 offers an examination of the evolution of a major vertebrate taxon – fishes - in light of early fossil records, the first appearance of novel morphological features, and the origins early in the geological record of the major fish lineages.  This course seeks to combine fundamentals of evolution and morphogenesis (the development of morphological characters) with the concurrent appearance of new morphologies and new taxonomic lineages in order to understand the origins and early evolution of fishes. It is directed at students who are interested in fishes as a taxonomic group, and in evolution.



Instructor Semester Syllabus
Dr. Kathleen Cole Spring 2015 Download
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