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BIOL 220L - Biostatistics Lab (1)

Laboratory to accompany BIOL 220. A-F only. Pre: 171 or 172 or BOT 101; and 220 (or concurrent); and MATH 134 or MATH assessment exam (with score for MATH 140). (Cross-listed as BOT 220L) .

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BIOL 220 - Biostatistics (3)

Introduction to statistical approaches in biology. Students will learn how to formulate hypotheses, test them quantitatively, and present results. Students will analyze biological datasets using the computer language . A-F only. Pre: 171, 172 or BOT 101; and BIOL/BOT 220L (or concurrent) and MATH 134 or MATH assessment exam (with score required for MATH 140). (Cross-listed as BOT 220)  

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ZOOL 607 - Genetics of Behavior and Evolution (1)

Introduces concepts and techniques in the genetics of behavior. Techniques inclued next gen sequencing, GWAS, and more. Student may use real data to analyze associations between genotype and phenotype. 

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ZOOL 625 - Evolution in Marine Systems (3)

The course will focus on concepts of evolution applied to the unique natural history of marine species, such as sexual selection and the evolution of sperm-egg interactions in free-spawning taxa; relationships among larval developmental mode, population genetic structure, geographic range, and rates of speciation and extinction in the fossil record; the Cambrian Explosion; marine biogeography, particularly the joint use of molecular phylogenetics and the fossil record to characterize spatial and temporal dynamics of species diversity in the coral triangle. (Crosslisted as MBIO 625)


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