Preparation & Presentation Tips

Creating an Effective Poster

Poster Templates

We encourage you to use one of our poster templates (52″ width x 38″ height max size). Please download and modify to fit your poster’s needs (requires Microsoft PowerPoint or equivalent).

Proposal considerations:

Clear theme and organizationA program may have many accomplishments. Proposal focuses on a central theme/problem/project.Content is organized in a logical manner
Content useful for audienceDescribes the process, strategies, and tools for the audience to adapt/adopt.Describes the challenges in the assessment project and ways to resolve the challenges.
Assessment-for-improvement focusDescribes the program improvement as the result of the assessment process or findings (e.g., adding assignments, changing pre-requisites, refining advising practice, increased faculty collaboration and collegiality).

Suggested Poster Content:

  • Basic program information: number of faculty and students, degree(s) offered, and number of graduates per year, if available
  • Context of assessment project: program learning assessment status/history of assessment in your program
  • Description of the assessment project: useful tips, strategies, tools, steps in the process, and end-products, if applicable
  • Highlight how your program used assessment processes/results for improvement
  • Summary of accomplishments/lessons/strategies to share
  • Acknowledgements, if applicable

Sample Topics:

  • Use of assessment results for curricular improvement
  • Curriculum mapping and its role in program assessment and improvement
  • Development and use of a rubric for program assessment
  • Capstone portfolio assessment for curricular improvement
  • For more examples, see posters from the 2019 exhibit.


Best Poster Design:

Best Faculty Engagement Strategies:

Best Use of Assessment for Improvement:

Printing Options

Marketing and Publication Services (in the College of Education’s Curriculum Research and Development Group)
~$83 for 40″ x 60″ ($5.00 per square foot) plus a $15 setup fee. You can choose either matte or gloss paper. The standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days; however, depending on their production schedule, they may be able to print within 1 business day. Please save your file as a PDF with the correct size needed for printing. Visit their website; contact Chanel Meadows at or 956-4969.

Pacific Biosciences Research Center
$75 for poster up to 40” x 54”. Lamination for an additional $40. Visit their website for information and instructions. Tip: use your departmental address if you want your department to pay for printing.

Information Technology Resources (in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources)
$10/foot. A 38″ x 52″ poster is $43.33. Visit their instructions and reservation information website. Because our poster exhibit and CTAHR’s student poster symposium take place around the same time, please make the printing appointment early, or they may be unable to accommodate your request.

Campus Center Graphics (student-run organization in Campus Center) $5.68/foot for 36″ width (~$74 for a 36″ x 52″ poster). Place your order at least 7 days in advance to avoid a surcharge. Visit their website for more information and instructions

$129.99 for 36” x 48”. Important: this is a smaller size than our templates (38″ x 52″). See information and price updates on the FedEx/Kinkos website

Free option
You may print your poster in sections on letter-sized papers and paste all the pieces back into a coherent one-piece poster (similar to a puzzle). Although results may not be as nice as other for-fee printing options, it is FREE!

1. Save your completed poster as an Adobe PDF document
2. Open the PDF document
3. Go to File > Print (or ctrl+p)
4. Under > Paper Sizing > Handling, select > ‘Poster’
5. Leave the Tile Scale at 100% and Overlap at 0.005 in
6. Check ‘Cut Marks’. Do NOT check ‘Tile only Large Pages’, and ‘Labels’
7. Print the document and assemble

One-on-one, individual consultation is available too: you can request an appointment with Monica (Fridays, 1-3pm) or Yao (mostly Wednesday afternoons). You can also contact us at

updated on 11/27/2020