2024 Assessment Leadership Institute

General institute information

To view and download the application questions follow this link: Application Questions

Dates (2024): 8/5 – 8/9, 8/12

Location: Online via Zoom.


Dates (2024)DayTime (Hawai’i Standard Time)
8/5-8/9Monday – Friday9:00am – 12:30pm
8/12Monday9:00am – 12:30pm

What to Expect at the ALI

The ALI (Assessment Leadership Institute) uses a flipped classroom model in which participants view recorded lectures, read materials, and complete assignments before joining live Zoom meetings (average 45 minutes/day; will not exceed 90 minutes/day). During the Zoom meetings, participants

  • practice leading and facilitating an assessment-related activity
  • work on an assessment project plan with one-on-one guidance from a mentor
  • discuss the out-of-session homework (see topics below)
  • engage in Q&A, group and individual reflection
  • present a project plan; give and receive feedback
  • Receive a free book on assessment or teaching that supports your planned project!


  1. Faculty or staff member in an academic degree program and can contribute to curriculum decisions.
  2. Plan to contribute to program- or institution-level learning assessment.
  3. Individuals or teams of 2-3 people.

Fees and Payment Instructions

Fees: $900 per person. Fee waived for UH Mānoa faculty/staff with endorsement from Dean.

Payment instructions:

  1. Complete the ALI application and be admitted.
  2. After you receive an acceptance letter, complete the confirmation form to receive an invoice.
  3. We will send you or your institution an invoice with a payment deadline. A third person can pay on your behalf.
  4. Pay by check. Make check payable to “University of Hawaiʻi.”
  5. Submit the check and invoice to:

Tiffany Magno
Hawaii Hall 209B
Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Excellence
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Topics and Activities

The Institute focuses on active practice of facilitative leadership skills in coordinating learning outcomes assessment projects. Features:

  • Program learning assessment tools and processes
    • Student learning outcomes
    • Curriculum mapping and design
    • Evidence of learning; scaffolding; signature assignment design
    • Rubric adaptation
    • Data analysis & data visualization
    • Interpretation and use of results
  • Faculty engagement strategies
  • Leadership tools
  • Learning assessment resources
  • Expert coaching from the facilitators and the Assessment Leadership Fellows
  • Networking and sharing with colleagues


  • Participate fully: attend the Zoom meetings (see schedule above) and prepare for each Zoom meeting by finishing the readings, video recordings, and assignments before each Zoom meeting (average 45 minutes/day; will not exceed 90 minutes/day).
  • Implement the learning assessment project plan that you design during the ALI.
  • Fall 2024: Participate in the small group meetings (in person or virtual) led by an Assessment Leadership Fellow, receive project support and offer peer feedback.
  • Spring 2025: Present at our Poster Exhibit (or another scholarly event). Date TBA.


Successful institute graduates receive a Certificate of Achievement and a book on assessment, teaching, learning.

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You may also view and download the application questions via this Google Docs link: Application Questions