University Academic Assessment and Institutional Research Web Sites

Mānoa’s peer, benchmark, and comparison institutions

Colorado State University-Fort Collins-Institutional Research
George Mason University-Office of Institutional Assessment
Grand Valley State University-Assessment Home
Illinois State University-University Assessment Office
Indiana University-Bloomington-University Reporting & Research
-Instructional Support Services
Iowa State University-Assessment of Academic Programs
-Institutional Research
Kansas State University-Office of Assessment
-Office of Planning and Analysis
Louisiana State University-Planning and Assessment Framework
Michigan State University-Student Outcomes Assessment for Academic Program Resources
Oregon State University-Office of Academic Planning and Assessment
State University of New York-Buffalo-Accreditation and Assessment Office
-Academic Program Assessment
University of Alabama-Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
University of Arizona-Assessment
-University Analytics & Institutional Research
University of California-Davis-Budget & Institutional Analysis Division
-Educational Effectiveness Self-Study, WASC Accreditation (2003)
University of California-Los Angeles-Office of Academic Planning & Budget
-Higher Education Research Institute
University of Colorado-Boulder-Data Analytics Office
-Academic Performance Indicators
-Assessment and Improvement
University of Florida-Office of Institutional Planning and Research
University of Georgia-Office of Institutional Effectiveness
-Office of Institutional Research
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

-Learning Outcomes Assessment

-Center for Teaching Excellence: Student Outcomes Assessment-Center for Teaching Excellence Home

University of Iowa-Office of Assessment
University of Kentucky-University Assessment website
-Office of Institutional Research & Advanced Analytics
-Office of Institutional Effectiveness
University of Louisville-Office of Academic Planning and Accountability
University of Maine-Office of Assessment
-Office of Research and Assessment
University of Maryland-College Park-Institutional Research Planning and Assessment
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor-Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (Curricular Assessment and Evaluation)
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities-Undergraduate Education Assessment
-Office of Institutional Research
University of Missouri-Columbia-Program Assessment
-Institutional Research
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill-Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
University of North Carolina-Charlotte-Office of Assessment and Accreditation
-Office of Institutional Research
University of Oregon-Curriculum and Program Assessment
-Office of Institutional Research
University of Rhode Island-Office of Student Learning, Outcomes Assessment, and Accreditation
-Office of Institutional Research
University of South Carolina-Columbia-Office of Institutional Assessment and Compliance
University of Tennessee-Knoxville-Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
University of Utah-Assessment of Undergraduate Studies Programs & Offices
-Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis
University of Virginia-Charlottesville-Institutional Assessment and Studies
University of Washington-Office of Educational Assessment
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire-University Assessment
-Institutional Research
University of Wisconsin-Madison-Assessment of Academic Programs and Student Outcomes
-Academic Planning and Analysis