2009 Committee on Institutional Educational Objectives

The Senate passed the undergraduate learning objectives (pdf) in 2012, various assessment projects have been completed on the undergraduate learning objectives and General Education learning, and an Institutional Learning Objectives Implementation Committee was formed.

In 2009, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) convened the committee on Institutional Educational Objectives. The group met to formalize the undergraduate principles of the baccalaureate at UH Mānoa. The Assessment Office facilitated their meetings. In several meetings, the committee reviewed the strategic academic documents of Mānoa (e.g., the Institutional Proposal) and the committee has examined the AACU’s Essential Learning Outcomes as well as outcomes from other institutions such as IUPUI. At 5/12/09 meeting, the committee worked in small groups to discuss and propose possible institutional educational objectives. These were submitted to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee in fall 2009.

Draft Institutional Outcomes (PDF)

Handouts (PDF)

Presentation Slides (PDF)


2009 Committee Members

  • Crystal Goodman
  • Dick Dubanoski
  • Dick Pratt
  • Jenny Samaan
  • Joe O’Mealy
  • John Learned
  • Jon Goss
  • Jon Osorio
  • Kelly Aune
  • Krystyna Aune
  • Mary Lee
  • Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • Paul L. Adams
  • Ron Cambra
  • Ruth Bingham
  • Tim W. Merrill
  • Tom Bingham
  • Tom Hilgers