A Curricular Intervention to Build History Research Skills

A Curricular Intervention to Build History Research Skills
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“The ability of students to identify, interpret, and evaluate primary sources and other historical texts is crucial to their ability to conduct historical research, which undergraduate History majors must do in order to complete our major’s capstone sequence. Some students arrive at the capstone sequence (where they have to write an original research paper) without having built the necessary skills in analyzing important sources and information. This assessment project included a review of student artifacts, faculty survey work, and review of course design. The result was a succinct menu of activities and assignments that History faculty can customize in different classes, to enable us to teach these skills more effectively across our program. ” By Shana Brown

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Brown, S., Joseph, F., Jolly, K., Komar, B., & Totani, Y. (2024, April 1-5). A curricular intervention to build history research skills [Poster presentation]. Assessment for Curricular Improvement Poster Exhibit, Assessment and Curriculum Support Center, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI, USA.