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Student Testimonials

Christina Geisse

The Asian Studies Program was incredible because most professors were undertaking their own research, passionate about their subject of study, and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with students. It felt fresh and profound at the same time. Inspiring! 

Christina Geisse
Kim Sluchansky

I was able to delve deep and focus on the areas of Asian Studies that truly interested me, and therefore gained a much more thorough and developed understanding of my fields of interest, which are applicable to my current career path. Also, the professors are extremely helpful and want their students to succeed. They were very supportive both while I was at UH and after I graduated.

Congratulations banner for Spring 2023 graduates.

Spring 2023 Graduates


Degree: Bachelor’s in Asian Studies, focus on Korea, Dean’s List


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs


Degree: Bachelor’s in Asian Studies, Korean Studies, Dean’s List.


Degree: Bachelor’s in Asian Studies, Dean’s List.


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs

Sara Hauf smiling


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs

Area Focus: Political Violence and Genocide in Southeast Asia

Research Interests: Separatism, Women, Peace and Security (WPS), Post-Conflict Situations

Favorite classes/professors: Southeast Asia Now (600S) with Barbara Andaya, Capitalism in Contemporary Asia (ASAN 626) with Dr. Johnson, Law and Society in Japan (LWPA 514) with Mark Levin.

Program Highlights: Working with Pacific Forum for my capstone project.

Emma Hsu standing in from of mountainous background.


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs

Area Focus: China

Research Interests: technology, intellectual property

Favorite Classes/Professors: Conflict and Cooperation in Asia (ASAN 687) with Dr. Famularo was helpful to see regional conflicts via diverse themes and theories. Ethnic Nationalism in Asia (ASAN 627) with Dr. Clayton was a great introduction into the sentiments that shape international affairs in Asia. A special thanks to Dr. Clayton and Dr. Harwitt as my advisors, and Dr. Govella for her support through the capstone project.

Program Highlights: Planning the SPAS graduate conference and convening an awesome group of scholars.

Herman Lim with lei in front of trees.


Degree: Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Summer 2023

Area Focus: Southeast Asia, in relation to the wider Indian Ocean littoral

Research Interests: Cultural production, art history, and intellectual history in Muslim Southeast Asia; Orientalism and postcolonial theory. Thesis Title: Reimagining the Pre-Islamic Past: Narratives of Conversion in Two 1960 Malay Films

Favorite Classes/Professors: I thoroughly enjoyed “ASAN 600Z: Approaches to Inter-Asia” with Dr. Cathryn Clayton, particularly because it provided me with the opportunity to explore connections between Southeast Asia and parts of East Asia I have not been exposed to as much, if at all, including Korea and Okinawa. I also learnt a great deal as Dr. Anna Stirr’s TA in her class, “ASAN 310: Studying Asia Culturally”, about Tibetan thangka paintings, metal music in China that references the Tang dynasty, and Mongolian oral traditions about land and place. Furthermore, having Dr. Barbara Andaya as my advisor was such a joy, for she was so supportive of all of my endeavours and incredibly helpful in helping me through my thought process and drafting for my thesis.

Program Highlights: I love the flexibility and interdisciplinary nature of the Asian Studies program, and that I could take classes outside of the department and have it count towards my degree. I took a particular liking to Dr. Paul Lavy’s classes on South and Southeast Asian art history. I was even able to take a class on decolonial theories and methods in relation to the study of indigenous religions with Dr. Marie Alohalani Brown, where I wrote a paper exploring the ways Islam in Southeast Asia and Ho’omana (Hawaiian religion) have been shaped by colonial discourse. Planning the SPAS Conference 2023 with my co-organiser and comrade Emma Hsu was also a particularly big highlight for me, especially in working with Tess Constantino—always puts a smile on my face when I see her at the office!

Nathan Mueller sitting holding baby.


Degree: Master of Arts in Asian Studies

Area Focus: Inter-Asia Studies (S. Korea & Japan)

Research Interests: Demographic research-fertility rates, immigration, labor markets, natalist policy

Favorite classes/professors:  ASAN 687 Conflict & Cooperation Asia and ASAN 651 East Asia Now with Dr. Famularo. Special thanks to Dr. Govella for her support as my advisor and plan B committee head.

Program Highlights: Realizing my research goals and interests with this program and having classes available to pursue them. Also becoming a dad halfway through the program.


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs and Certificate in Asian Studies.

Cheyenne Prater sitting in field of flowers.


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs, Summer 2023

Research Interests: Youth Diplomacy, International Education, US/ROK/DPRK Relations

Favorite classes/professors: Capitalism in Contemporary Asia (ASAN 626) with Dr. Johnson was enlightening and a space for interesting discussion. My time in Dr. Famularo’s Conflict & Cooperation Asia course (ASAN 687) also greatly informed my decisions regarding my future career and research aspirations.

Program Highlights: I am thankful to have met many supportive and brilliant friends through this program. I also could not have imagined having a more fulfilling internship experience than I had with the Pacific & Asian Affairs council.


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs

Jeffery Schmit with family at beach.


Degree: Master’s in Asian International Affairs

Area Focus: China

Research Interests: Military policy, coercive actions, border relations, Three Warfares, and media narratives

Favorite classes/professors: Asian Security Cultures (ASAN 629) with Dr. Carlile introduced me to the differences and power in security culture across this diverse region; Conflict & Cooperation Asia (687) with Dr. Famularo introduced me to the different challenges the region faces not only from a security lens but also a historical, cultural, and political lens. A special thanks to Dr. Clayton and Dr. Famularo for their support and mentorship during my time in the program.

Program Highlights: The interaction with such a diverse group of young academics. The strength of this program is its people and the interdisciplinary approach exploring the region as a whole. It has shaped my lens from a security focus to a more holistic viewpoint.

Spring graduate Aaron Hara full body in trenchcoat outside.


Degree: Korean Studies Graduate Certificate

Area Focus: South and North Korea Relations

Research Interests:  Technology & Information Access in North Korea

Favorite classes/professors:  I am grateful to Professor Harwit and Professor Clayton for their excellent instruction. I am especially grateful to Professor Young-A Park’s for helping me carry on during the pandemic. I learned much in her courses: Approaches in Asian Studies: Korea ( ASAN 600K) and in Korean Film (ASAN 420 ) which helped me with not only examining technology and information access in North Korea but, as a consequence of my studies, helped me to piece together an understanding of what my father experienced as a U.S. Korean War soldier.


Certificate in Asian Studies

Headshot of Shawn Rankin.


Degree: Master’s in Ethnomusicology and Certificate in Asian Studies

Area Focus: Music of Japan

Research Interests: Japanese Popular Music; Traditional Japanese music and ensembles; Genre Studies; Popular Music Studies; Internet based music communities; Japan

Favorite classes/professors: I really enjoyed Approaches: Japan (ASAN 600J) with Dr. Carlile to start my program. It was an engaging class that exposed me to diverse topics that I would not have sought out myself to which I am grateful for. I would also like to thank Dr. Stirr for not only being my advisor but for giving me a strong foundation that I can build the rest of my academic pursuits on, and Dr. Park for always being available and guiding me through the completion of my certificate.

Program Highlights: I loved my time with the Asian Studies department because of the professors and students. Everyone here has always been extremely welcoming and created an amazing environment.

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