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Major or minor in Asian Studies.

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Including: Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Master’s in Asian International Affairs, and Graduate Certificates in Asian Studies.

Student Testimonials

Christina Geisse

The Asian Studies Program was incredible because most professors were undertaking their own research, passionate about their subject of study, and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with students. It felt fresh and profound at the same time. Inspiring! 

Christina Geisse
Kim Sluchansky

I was able to delve deep and focus on the areas of Asian Studies that truly interested me, and therefore gained a much more thorough and developed understanding of my fields of interest, which are applicable to my current career path. Also, the professors are extremely helpful and want their students to succeed. They were very supportive both while I was at UH and after I graduated.

Intersecting Asias Poster

SPAS Graduate Student Conference 2023


“Intersecting Asias: Reflections on Connections and Mobility”

Asian Studies has been reinvigorated in the past two decades with the introduction of theoretical concepts such as Inter-Asia, stressing in particular the centuries-long connections that have defined Asia through the movements of peoples rather than geographic space. Criss-crossed repeatedly through the flows of individuals and communities over the longue durée, the image of not one, but many Intersecting Asias, comes to the forefront, with its many iterations and multiplicities, both historically and up to the present.

The School of Pacific and Asian Studies and the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa invites proposals for papers, performances, and panels that seek to move beyond the ‘traditional’ regions of Asia for the 34th annual Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference (link:, held in-person at the Center for Korean Studies on the UH Mānoa campus in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, on April 27–28, 2023.

Beyond the constructed and narrow boundaries of South, Southeast, West, Central, and East Asia, the conference presents participants with the opportunity to think particularly about the movements of peoples, ideas, forms, and technologies across space and time through the perspective of Inter-Asia. How can historical and/or contemporary understandings of Asia(s) be enriched when one moves beyond established geographical and regional limits? How can networks be established, thickened, broken, and re-established again? Why might such networks be important?

We welcome submissions from across different disciplines that can either be rooted in one specific region of Asia or be focused on Inter-Asia from the outset, but all papers should engage in some way with the wider implications of mobility across space and time. We take the definition of Asia to be as expansive as possible, with a stress on connections and networks rather than clearly defined boundaries. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: borderline studies that move beyond the nation-state and established regions; cultural and religious flows; the transmission and movement of literary texts, music, dance, and other art forms; diasporas and migrations; climate change and environmental challenges; health and disease; linguistic analyses; and political economy and international relations.


The Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference gives graduate students an opportunity to present their research to a friendly group of peers and professors. As many students from across the U.S., Europe, and Asia attend the conference, there are ample opportunities to network with fellow academics with a passion for the study of Asia. Additionally, there will be several “Best Paper” prizes funded by the area centers at UH Mānoa:

  • Best Korea paper ($300)
  • Edward Seidensticker Best Japan paper ($500)
  • Best China paper ($500)
  • Best Southeast Asia paper ($500)
  • Best South Asia paper ($200)
  • Best Inter-Asia paper ($500)


Graduate students in any academic discipline with a focus on Asia. 


Please submit a 250-300 word abstract through this link (insert link:, together with your contact details.


January 25, 2023, 11.59 PM (Hawai‘i Standard Time)


The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution. Please indicate any disability accommodations that you will need through the abstract application link above, and we are happy to assist in the best way we can.


Please direct any questions to conference organizers Herman Lim Bin Adam Lim and Emma Hsu at You can also follow the department’s social media accounts listed below for updates. Visit our conference website at

Co-sponsored by the School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS) and Department of Asian Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

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