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Undergraduate Programs Information

Major or minor in Asian Studies.

Graduate Programs Information

Including: Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Master’s in Asian International Affairs, and Graduate Certificates in Asian Studies.

Student Testimonials

Christina Geisse

The Asian Studies Program was incredible because most professors were undertaking their own research, passionate about their subject of study, and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with students. It felt fresh and profound at the same time. Inspiring! 

Christina Geisse
Kim Sluchansky

I was able to delve deep and focus on the areas of Asian Studies that truly interested me, and therefore gained a much more thorough and developed understanding of my fields of interest, which are applicable to my current career path. Also, the professors are extremely helpful and want their students to succeed. They were very supportive both while I was at UH and after I graduated.

Asian Studies Student Travel Award Program

Now Open

The UHM Department of Asian Studies Student Travel Award program has been established to help defray the costs of participating in events that will contribute to a student’s academic advancement and career development. Specifically, this refers to costs associated with:  

  • student travel to present creative/scholarly work at in-person refereed conferences; exhibitions; live performances; and/or similar events;
  • student travel for research or professional development opportunities (such as workshops, field schools, or administrative meetings for professional associations in which you hold office; *not* including job interviews). The application must make a convincing case for how and why the travel will benefit the student’s academic work and/or career; and
  • fees for refereed online conferences where students present creative/scholarly work.

General Information

  • Maximum award is $500. All UH travel policies and procedures apply to the awards.
  • Limit one award per student per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).
  • Applications are accepted from August 15 through April 15. Awards will be designated in the same fiscal year as the activity’s start date. For example, if a conference begins on June 30 and the application is submitted in May, it is the same fiscal year. If the conference begins on July 1, the award is applicable to the next fiscal year. Fiscal year is determined by the activity’s start date, not the application submission date
  • Retroactive applications (after the travel has taken place) are accepted provided that the application is submitted by April 15 of the same fiscal year that the activity took place.  For example, you cannot retroactively apply for an award in August for a conference you attended in April, because it crosses fiscal years. 
  • The award is intended to supplement other funding sources (as applicable), such as the Graduate Student Organization Grants and Awards, East-West Center travel awards, external grants and personal funds.
  • Award funding is limited and therefore is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Decisions will be made by a committee of Asian Studies faculty. 
  • Award notifications will be sent by e-mail to the applicant, department chair, and department secretary within 30 days of receipt of application.
  • Upon completion of the funded activity, awardees must write up a short blurb (with photo if possible) about it for posting on the Department of Asian Studies website. 


The applicant must be a full-time student in good academic standing enrolled in the UH-Manoa Asian Studies BA, MAAS or MAIA program. 

Note: the applicant must be enrolled as a UHM Asian Studies student at the time of the event, not just at the time of application.

Apply Online: Asian Studies Student Travel Award Program

See our Scholarships and Grants page for additional information, & additional travel funding opportunities.

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