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For specific information related to your program or area of interest

including how to apply, please visit the following pages:

Undergraduate Programs Information

Major or minor in Asian Studies.

Graduate Programs Information

Including: Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Master’s in Asian International Affairs, and Graduate Certificates in Asian Studies.

More Asian Studies Programs Around the World


Australian National University

Griffith University

Griffith Asia Institute

LaTrobe University

Asian Studies

Macquarie University

Department of Asian Languages

Monash University

Japanese Studies

Monash Asia Institute

Murdoch University

Asian Studies at Murdoch

University of Adelaide

Asian Studies

University of Melbourne

Asia Institute

Asian Economics Centre

University of New South Wales

Asian Language & Studies

Korea-Australasia Research Centre

University of Queensland

School of Languages & Comparative Cultural Studies

University of Sydney

School of Languages & Cultures

University of Western Australia

Asian Studies

University of Wollongong

Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies


University of British Columbia

Institute of Asian Research

Dept of Asian Studies

University of Calgary

Dept of Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies

University of Manitoba

Asian Studies

University of Toronto

East Asian Studies

Asian Institute

Central and Inner Asia Studies

Centre for South Asian Studies

Centre for the Study of Korea

Collaborative Master’s Program in South Asian Studies

Collaborative Doctoral Program in South Asian Studies

Collaborative Master’s Program in Asia- Pacific Studies

Southeast Asian Group

York University

East Asian Studies Program

School of Asian Studies

Centre for Pacific Studies


Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen


Institute of Social Science, Tokyo Univ
Nichibunken: The International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto
Asiatic Society of Japan


International Institute of Asian Studies

New Zealand

University of Canterbury

Aotahi: School of Maori and Indigenous Studies

Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies

Massey University

East Asian Studies Program

School of Maori Studies

University of Otago

Asian Studies Program

School of Maori Pacific and Indigenous Studies

University of Waikato

School of Maori and Pacific Development

Asian Studies

Victoria University of Wellington

Maori Studies

Department of Asian Languages

Asian Studies Institute

School of Languages and Cultures


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

National University of Singapore

Department of Southeast Asian Studies

Institute of South Asian Studies


Center for Pacific Asia Studies

Asian Studies (Dept of Oriental Languages), Stockholm

United Kingdom

School of Asian and African Studies

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