MA Program Requirements Prior to Fall 2018

Plan A Plan B 
ASAN 6003ASAN 6003
ASAN 7503ASAN 7503
ASAN elective*3ASAN elective 3
ASAN 7006
Hum*At least 3Hum*At least 3
Arts*At least 3Arts*At least 3
SocSci*At least 3SocSci*At least 3
Basic language (no credit toward degree)Basic language (no credit toward degree)
Language** or other electiveMay count up to 6 at highest required levelLanguage** or other electiveMay count up to 6 at highest required level
Elective 13
Elective 23

*ASAN requirements and breadth requirements may overlap. Eg. if the ASAN XXX course is a Social Science course, the student does not need to take another social science course to fulfill the breadth requirement.

**Students must meet the minimum language requirement (JPN: 6 credits above 402; CHN, KOR: 401-402; SEA, SA: 301-302); they may count up to 6 credits of language at or above the highest required level toward the degree, but they are not required to do so. Students who test out of the language requirement must take other electives (which could include advanced language courses) to make up the full 36 credits.

***Of these, no more than 9 credits can come from any one department besides Asian Studies.