Fall 2018 Course List

The Asian Studies Program offers an unprecedented opportunity for students to study a wide range of topics, disciplines, and methodologies to design their individual programs to suit their particular interests. This interdisciplinary approach to the study of Asia, focused on the social sciences and humanities, is the heart of the program’s mission. Below are courses offered for Fall 2018.

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Course Number Course Title
ASAN 202 Intro to Asian Studies: S/SE Asia
ASAN 308 Chinese Political Economy
ASAN 310 Asian Humanities
ASAN 320J Asian Nation St: Japan
ASAN 320K Asian Nation St: Korea
ASAN 320P Asian Nation St: Philippines
ASAN 320Z Asian Nation St: Other
ASAN 324 Chado-The Way of Tea Practicum
ASAN 325D Jpn Film: Art/Hist-Spec Topics
ASAN 330 Chinese Film: Art & History
ASAN 393C Field Study-Asia: China
Restriction: Instructor Approval
ASAN 393I Field Study-Asia: South Asia
Restriction: Instructor Approval
ASAN 393J Field Study-Asia: Japan
Restriction: Instructor Approval
ASAN 393K Field Study-Asia: Korea
Restriction: Instructor Approval
ASAN 393P Field Study-Asia: Philippines
Restriction: Instructor Approval
ASAN 393S Field Study-Asia: SE Asia
Restriction: Instructor Approval
ASAN 406 Modern Philippines
ASAN 407 Peace Process Philippines & HI
ASAN 438 Sustainable Asian Development
(Impact of Globalization)
ASAN 449 Asian Cities
(Evolution of Urban Space)
ASAN 462 Contsd Issues Contemp Japan
ASAN 473 Topics in CHN Cultural Studies
ASAN 485 Contemporary Chinese Devlopmnt
ASAN 494 Food Culture Politics in Asia
ASAN 600C Approaches: China
Restriction: Major
ASAN 600J Approaches: Japan
Restriction: Major
ASAN 600S Approaches: Southeast Asia
Restriction: Major
ASAN 608 Politics & Development: China
ASAN 612 Topics: 20thC Lit Cult St
ASAN 620 Contemp. Asia: Probs. & Issues
(Social Movements and Democracy in East Asia)
ASAN 620 Contemp. Asia: Probs. & Issues
(Human Rights in Asia)
ASAN 620 Contemp. Asia: Probs. & Issues
(Conflict & Cooperation in Asia)
ASAN 627 Ethnic Nationalism in Asia
ASAN 638 Asian Develop & Urbanization
(Sustainable Asian Development: Impact of Globalization)
ASAN 649 Asian Cities
(Evolution of Urban Space)
ASAN 671 The Splendor That Was SE Asia
ASAN 686 Law and Society in China
ASAN 695 Master’s Plan B Experience
Restriction: Major