Undergraduate Programs in the Colleges of AH/LLL 2019-09-30T07:45:23+00:00

Arts & Humanities

Department Program: Track/Concentration Degrees Minor Certificate
College-Wide Multidisciplinary Certificate in Art, History, Philosophy, and Religion Islamic Studies X
American Studies (AMST) American Studies BA X
Art & Art History (ART & ARTH) Art X X
Art History BA
Art Studio BA
Art Studio: Ceramics BFA
Art Studio: Digital Imaging BFA
Art Studio: Drawing BFA
Art Studio: Electronic Arts BFA
Art Studio: Fiber BFA
Art Studio: Glass BFA
Art Studio: Graphic Design BFA
Art Studio: Painting BFA
Art Studio: Photography BFA
Art Studio: Printmaking BFA
Art Studio: Sculpture BFA
Communicology (COMG) Communicology BA X
Creative Media (ACM) Creative Media: Computer Animation BA
Creative Media: Digital Cinema BA
Dance (DNCE) Dance BA X
Dance BFA
History (HIST) History X X
History: Asia/Pacific BA
History: Comparative World BA
History: Europe BA
History: US BA
Music (MUS) Music X
General Music BA
Hawaiian Music BA
Music Theater BA
Music Education BEd
Composition BMus
Guitar BMus
Instrumental BMus
Piano BMus
Voice BMus
Philosophy (PHIL) Philosophy BA X X
Religion (REL) Religion BA X X
Theatre (THEA) Theatre BA X

Languages, Linguistics, & Literature

Department Program: Track/Concentration Degrees Minor Certificate
East Asian Languages & Literature (EALL) Chinese BA X X
Chinese Flagship BA
Japanese BA X X
Korean BA X X
Korean for Professionals BA X
English (ENG) English BA X
Indo-Pacific Languages (IP) IP: Filipino , Hindi, Ilokano, Indonensian, Khmer (Cambodian), Samoan, Sanskrit, Tahitian, Thai, and Vietnamese X
IP: Hindi, Indonesian, Khmer (Cambodian), Samoan, Sanskrit, Thai, and Vietnamese BA*
IP: Philippine Language & Literature (PHLL)
Filipino Language & Culture X
PHLL: Filipino BA X
Ilocano Language & Culture X
PHLL: Ilocano BA X
Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas (LLEA) Classics: Options A,B,C,or D BA X
French BA X
German BA X
Russian BA X
Spanish BA X
Latin American and Iberian Studies X
Linguistics (LING) Linguistics BA*
Second Language Studies (SLS) Second Language Studies BA