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Student Tutorials

The following tutorials will assist you in understanding and navigating the unique student tools at UHM including STAR and MyUH.   You may go through the tutorials independently at your own pace.  Feel free to see an advisor at the Advising Center for clarification you may need.

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What is it?  STAR is the official degree audit system for UH students. Use STAR to self-monitor your degree progress, verify your registration is correct, as well as viewing unofficial transcripts and your student information. If you have questions about your degree progress as shown in STAR, promptly make an appointment with the appropriate advisor.  Questions regarding the major requirements are to be addressed with the major advisor and questions regarding all other areas of the degree are to be addressed with an Advising Center advisor.

Click the links below to learn about STAR:

MyUH Portal

What is it?  MyUH Portal is the student information system used by students and faculty throughout the UH System.  Through MyUH Portal, students can access important university announcements, financial accounts balances, register for classes, and more.

Click here to learn about MyUH

Registering for classes through MyUH

For incoming freshmen only:

  • Registering for classes through “STAR”

Useful things to know for registration:

When do I register for next semester?

Your registration date and time is based on the number of credits you finished (this does not include the number of credits you have in progress since final grades are not posted during Registration).  Click here to see the registration timetable.

Select a term

Adding & dropping classes

Changing class options (e.g., taking a class CR/NC*)

IMPORTANT NOTE about grading options:  If you want a course to apply to fulfillment of a             degree area, the course MUST be taken for a letter grade (A-F).  If you opt to take a course for credit/no credit, the course will only be counted as a general elective.  It will not count to the major, General Education core, Hawaiian/Second Language, or Focus requirements. is taken CR/NC See an advisor at the Advising Center if you have questions.

View and print your class schedule 

By viewing your class schedule, you can make sure that you’ve registered for the correct classes (note course subject and number), have the correct grading options, etc.  We recommend checking both your class schedule from MyUH as well as your unofficial transcript in STAR. Click here…

Did you receive an override (i.e., special permission from an instructor or department) for a class?

See if the override has been entered into the system in MyUH. Click here…

Are you on a Waitlist for a class? 

Registration Waitlist FAQs

Unable to register for a class? 

Understand why you weren’t able to qualify for the class by using the Registration Errors Glossary (note the error you received when you tried to register).

Applying for graduation

Are you 1-3 semesters away from graduation? Applying for graduation by the appropriate deadline is required.

  • For Spring and Summer graduation, submit your graduation paperwork before November 1st.
  • For Fall graduation, submit your graduation paperwork before April 1st.

Applying for graduation involves meeting with your major advisor. All graduation paperwork must be submitted on time to the Student Service Counter in QLC113.

How to apply for graduation (Online workshop)

Course Repeat Tutorial

Grade Replacement Tutorial