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STAR Academic Tutorials

The STAR Academic Planner Tutorial series will assist you in mapping out an academic plan that fulfills your requirements for graduation.

Part 1: Overview

Learn how the STAR Academic Planner can help you track your progress in college and graduate on time.

Length – 1:18

With Captions Length – 1:18

Part 2: Course Planner

Use the My Course Planner tool set up your academic plan.

Length – 1:49

With Captions Length – 1:49

Part 3: Adding a Course

Learn how to choose and add courses to your academic plan that count towards your degree.

Length – 4:56

With Captions Length – 4:56

Part 4: Double Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Adjust your academic plan to account for a second major, a minor, and/or a certificate.

Length – 1:49

With Captions Length – 1:50

Part 5: Academic Pathway

Utilize STAR’s Academic Reports to verify the accuracy of your academic plan.

Length – 4:01

With Captions Length – 4:01