The Advising Center helps College of Arts, Languages & Letters (CALL) students clarify their life and career goals, develop meaningful educational plans, overcome challenges, and attain a liberal arts baccalaureate degree, thereby preparing for productive lives, enlightened citizenship, and life-long learning.

Advising is a partnership that requires active engagement

Student Responsibilities

Prepare for appointments
Be open to learning and trying new things
Monitor own academic progress

Advisor Responsibilities

Be knowledgeable about UHM’s resources
Provide a safe and positive environment
Support and guide students

Initial Advising … for incoming students
Registration Assistance … for anyone who needs help
Mandatory Advising … to connect with your major
Academic Planning … to stay on track
Academic Warning … before there’s trouble

Dual Advising
Students meet with experts in two areas: a Major Advisor, a faculty member located in the major department, and a College Advisor, a professional advisor in the Advising Center. Be sure you know and meet regularly with both!

Advising Outcomes for Students
The student will …

  • Identify interest, strengths, values, & life / career goals.
  • Develop and implement an academic plan;
  • Develop independence and take charge of her/his education;
  • Identify and use campus and community resources;
  • Articulate the value of a liberal education
  • Persist to graduation

Top 5 Skills You Need For Your Career

  • Collaboration
  • Communication/Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Leadership