Alphabetical Listing of All Forms

44b Petition Instructor Half Sheet
Academic Plan Worksheet, Academic Plan Templates by Major
Academic Progress, Appeal (Financial Aid)
Add a Course (Records)
Application for Credit by Examination
Application, (Undergrad Degree)
Audit a Course (Records)
Cancellation of Registration (Records)
Certificate/Minor, Verification of
Certification of Second Major
Credit by Examination, Application for
Credit Update Request
Credits for a Course, Change Number of  (Records)
Community College Concurrent Enrollment (UH System) (Financial Aid)
Core Sheets, (CASSSAS, archived)
Course Section Change (of the same course) (Records)
Credit Overload
Complete Withdrawal
Declaration/Change of Major
Declaration of Multiple Majors
Degree, Application
Drop or Withdraw from a Course
Evaluation, Language Waiver
Goldenrod, (Program Sheets)
Grading Option, Change of (Records)
Graduation in Absentia
Graduation Plan
Instructor Documentation Form
International Students: OPT Form (for Optional Practical Training)
International Students: Request for Reduced Course Load
Language, Waiver Evaluation
Late Add Petition
Leave of Absence (Records)
Leave of Absence Overseas (Records)
Letter of Written Verification, Request for
Major Declaration or Change
Minor/Certificate, Verification of
Multiple Majors Declaration
Overload of Credits
Petition Instructor Half Sheet (44b)
Petition Form
Program Sheets
Request for Complete Withdrawal
Request for Written Verification Form
ROTC Form 48
Section Change (of the same course) (Records)
Time Conflict
Transfer Course Update
UH System Application (for Grad In Absentia)
VA Enrollment Certification Form
VA Form Instructions (Primary Major) half sheet
VA Form Instructions (Minor, Certs, Secondary Major) Half Sheet
Verification of Certificate/Minor
Verification Letter, Request for Written
Waiver, Language Evaluation
Written Verification Letter, Request for
Withdrawal, Complete