Downloadable/Printable Forms

Use the following forms to submit a request.  Please note that forms “belong” to certain offices, which means that formatting and submission requirements vary – be sure you have the right form and know how/where to submit it. If you have questions, just ask! We can be reached at 808-956-8755 or

Click on the + signs to access the lists of forms in each category. Click on the name of the form in the expanded list to download and print it.  If you run into problems, or have any questions about correct choice and use of forms, call 956-8755.

Click here for the current Registration Guide, which includes the registration timeline, deadlines, instructions, and information on registration procedures and policies.

Visit “Add or Drop Courses” (Records Office website) for these forms:

  • Add a Course
  • Drop or Withdraw from a Course
  • Switch Sections of the Same Course
  • Change Grading Options
  • Audit a Course
  • Change the Number of Credits for a Course

Visit “Grades & Credits” for these forms:

  • Credit Overload
  • Change Grading Option

Click “Time Conflict” for the form to request an override to register for courses with a time conflict.

To check or update how courses taken elsewhere transfer to UHM:

Visit “Forms” (Records Office website) for these forms:

  • Leave of Absence
  • Leave of Absence for Overseas

Visit “Withdrawing from the University” if you wish to withdraw completely. The date when you withdraw (i.e., the day you submit the request) impacts both whether you are eligible for a refund and whether ‘W’ grades show on your record.

To Declare or Change your Major:

To Add More Majors:

To Add a Minor or Certificate:

To Review your Requirements:

  • OVCAA Program Sheets – These Program Sheets are checklists of requirements. The site also includes sample Four-Year Plan Templates that show how the major could be completed in four years – just remember that you’ll need to tailor the plan to you!
  • Archived A&S Core Sheets: These Program Sheets explain the GenEd requirements (plus the many abbreviations) and include a worksheet. Be sure to select your own “core year”! (If you’re not sure what that is, come in for advising…)

To Create an Academic Plan:

For Certification of your registration, enrollment, or academic plan:

Visit “Forms” (Financial Aid website) for these forms:

  • UH Community College Enrollment
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
File for graduation using the instructions HERE. You will need to complete and submit the following forms:

Use the Petition Form to submit a request for an exception to University policy. Please note: Before submitting a petition, you must attend a Petition Intake Appointment with an academic advisor (click on “Academic Advisors”), when you will be asked to submit Instructor Documentation Form(s).