Certification of Academic Progress: Forms and Memos

Forms related to student academic progress and standing often require the signature of an academic advisor. Some forms can be dropped off for review and clearance, and picked up by the student 3 to 5 business days later. Others may require an in-person appointment, or may take longer to complete. Listed below are the types of requests we receive most often, and the procedures for having them filled.

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Who: UHM AH/LLL majors who need verification of academic progress or projected graduation date for employers, scholarships, graduate programs, military identification cards, etc.

You need to have completed a Online Grad to receive written verification of academic progress (need .pdf of this doc). Fill out a Request for Written Verification Form and turn it in at the welcome desk in Sinclair 301.  You will need to provide either a pre-addressed stamped envelope or provide mailing labels and postage for each letter. Letters are generally available within 3 to 5 working days.

UHM Community College Enrollment Memo
Who: UHM AH/LLL students receiving financial aid, with part-time registration at UHM and concurrent enrollment on other campuses (ex. 9 credits at UHM plus 3 credits at KCC)

Download and fill out the financial aid form from the Financial Aid Office’s Forms and Documents page before meeting with an AH/LLL advisor to have it verified and signed. If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor at 808.956.7251, QLCSS, room 112.

Verification of Credits required for graduation: a copy of your approved GRAD plan can be submitted to Financial Aid

Request for Less Than Full-Time Enrollment – appointment needed, completion of a GRAD Session required
Who: International students who are register full-time in their graduating semester

International students may be allowed a reduction in courseload depending on circumstance. See an International Student Services counselor in QLCSS 206, 956.8354 for information on eligibility. If given the form, make an appointment to meet with an AH/LLL academic advisor by calling 956.8755 ext.1. Be sure to bring your form and any supporting documentation, if needed, with you.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) – appointment needed, completion of a GRAD Session may be required
Who: International students remaining in the U.S. to work after graduation.

See an International Student Counselor in QLCSS, room 206, 956.8354 for information on eligibility.  If given the form, make an appointment with an Arts & Sciences academic advisor to verify your graduation date and relation of the intended training program to your field of study. 956.8755 ext.1

VA Students

Who: AH/LLL majors receiving VA financial assistance

Students on VA assistance (e.g., G.I. Bill) must have the courses they are taking verified for applicability to their intended degree. Please contact the VA Certifying Official in the Records Office, 808.956.8010, QLCSS, room 10 for procedures and forms.

VA Enrollment Certification Form Instructions

VA Enrollment Certification Form

ROTC Students

Who: AH/LLL majors in a ROTC Programs (Air Force & Army)

Students in ROTC programs must have their academic plans verified each semester. Please visit our ROTC page.