Online GRAD

File for Graduation if you are 1-3 semesters away from graduating

Please watch the video below to help explain how to fill out your graduation paperwork.

Please watch the video below if you are applying for graduation in absentia.

“Commencement” is the ceremony when you walk across the stage to receive your diploma and you and your family celebrate your accomplishment.

Register for Commencement:

To walk in the Commencement ceremony, register by the appropriate deadline:

For Spring Commencement:               1 May

For Fall Commencement:                     1 December

“Graduation” is official certification that you completed all requirements for your degree. By completing the steps below, you notify the Advising Center to certify you for graduation.

To file for Graduation, complete the Online GRAD steps in the section below. Be sure to file by the appropriate deadline:

For Spring Graduation:               1 November

For Summer Graduation:            1 November

For Fall Graduation:                     1 April

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Work with your major advisor to complete page 2 of your major’s Program Sheet; be sure your major advisor writes “Goldenrod” at the top, with your name and ID number, and then signs and dates at the bottom.

Some departments have their own internal “Goldenrod” and will therefore will not be using the program sheets as the “Goldenrod”.  Below are some of the departments: MUS, CM, ENG, PHIL, COMG

NOTE: If you have more than one major, you will need a separate “Goldenrod” (p.2 of the Program Sheet) for each major.

If you do not have a minor or certificate, skip this step.

If you do have a minor and/or certificate, print the Minor Verification/Certificate form.

Meet with your minor / certificate advisor to verify your current and remaining course requirements.  Be sure the form has the required signatures.

NOTE: If you have more than one minor or certificate, you will need a separate Minor/Certificate form for each.

Print and complete the Graduation Plan worksheet (2 pages).

Read the “Requirements and Rules for Graduation” on page 2, then sign and date at the bottom. You are responsible for these requirements and rules.

NOTE: Be sure your plan includes all of your current and remaining requirements by checking your:

·      Major requirements (page 2 of the Program Sheet)

·      Minor/Certificate requirements (the Verification of Minor/Certificate form)

·      General Education, Graduation, and College/Degree requirements (p.1 of the Program Sheet)

If you need assistance completing the plan, please contact the Advising Center.

Complete an Application for Degree.

Email your completed forms to the Advising Center (

·     “Goldenrod” (p. 2 of the Program Sheet)

·     Minor Verification/Certificate

·     Graduation Plan

·     Application for Degree

NOTE: An appointment is not necessary.

After an advisor reviews and verifies your Graduation Plan, you will receive a follow-up e-mail with your approved grad plan.  You have 14 days to download your approved grad plan before the link will expire.

  • Remember to register for Commencement at
  • If you need documentation of Graduation (for a job or application), complete and submit a Request for Written Verification form.
  • Approximately 2 weeks after receiving your Graduation follow-up e-mail, a $30 diploma fee will be posted to your MyUH account; be sure to pay it.
  • Approximately 3 months after Graduation, your diploma will be available for pick up from Records in QLC 010.