Ānuenue /Ā-nŭ’e-nŭ’e/ noun, the rainbow

The Ānuenue Connection Program is committed to helping new Rainbow Warriors establish strong connections and cultivate meaningful experiences at both UH Mānoa and the island of Oʻahu, with the support and guidance of their New Rainbow Warrior (NRW) Peer Leaders.

What We Do

In our program, support can be flexible, whether it’s in-person or through digital communication. Our NRW Peer Leaders will schedule monthly meetings with their students, which could be as simple as meeting for coffee or planning an enjoyable outing. Our main objective is to foster a welcoming environment where students feel a strong sense of belonging. Additionally, we’ll organize monthly events to help students immerse themselves in the Hawaiian culture and explore the beauty of Oʻahu.

Program Benefits

  1. Enhanced Student Retention
  2. Strengthened Network Support
  3. Sharing and Showing Appreciation for Our Hawaiian Culture